Joe Biden insulted millions of Americans with this disgusting comment

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It’s clear that the president doesn’t hold U.S. citizens in high regard. He and his administration have been working to make their lives more difficult.

And Joe Biden just insulted millions of Americans with this disgusting comment.

President Joe Biden and his Democrat pals think less of average, everyday American citizens.

Their policies and ideologies do nothing but harm these individuals.

Not only that, but if you don’t adhere to the radical Left’s agenda, then you’re viewed as a unintelligent extremist by the Democrat Party.

And that’s pretty much what Joe Biden said about these United States citizens in a speech on Tuesday.

Biden Becomes Enraged at Americans During Recent Speech

In a pointed speech delivered on Tuesday in Washington, D.C., President Joe Biden took aim at former President Donald Trump and Republicans, accusing them of ignoring the realities of climate change despite the widespread extreme heat waves affecting much of the country.

Biden’s address coincided with the announcement of a proposed federal rule aimed at extending workplace heat protections to an estimated 36 million workers. This proposed rule represents a significant step in safeguarding workers in various industries, including farming, construction, landscaping, warehousing, and kitchen staff.

During his speech, Biden did not mince words, accusing Trump and “the MAGA Republicans in Congress” of denying the existence of climate change.

“They must be living in a hole somewhere, at the expense of the health and safety of their own constituents,” Biden remarked, adding, “Quite frankly, I think it’s not only outrageous, it’s really stupid.”

“Everyone who willfully denies the impacts of climate change is condemning the American people to a dangerous future and is either really, really dumb or has some other motive. How can you deny there’s climate change, for God’s sake?”

The proposed rule, if enacted, would require employers to identify extreme heat conditions and develop emergency response plans to address heat-related illnesses among workers.

Despite the bold statements on climate change, Biden notably did not address the criticism surrounding his recent debate performance against Trump.

Some Democrats have been vocal about their concerns, with Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) being the first sitting House Democrat to call for Biden to withdraw from the race.

Biden sidestepped a question about Doggett’s comments, focusing instead on the urgency of addressing climate change and protecting workers.

At the time this article is being written, there have even been reports that the president is considering whether or not it’s wise to continue on with his reelection campaign.

You can watch Joe Biden’s comments from his climate change speech below:

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