Joe Biden is in shambles after being called out for this deceitful action

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Just like his Democrat pals, Biden loves to lie. But this time he’s not getting away with it.

And Joe Biden is in shambles after being called out for this deceitful action.

On Thursday of last week, President Joe Biden attended a Greek Independence Day Reception where he was spewing more lies yet again.

Over the years, Biden has gotten in the habit of embellishing stories or straight up lying about events that happened to him.

That was the case again on Thursday when he told a repeated lie about an instance where he and Chinese President Xi Jinping traveled 17,000 miles in Tibet.

“I was once asked by Xi Jinping in – I traveled 17,000 miles with him in Tibet. I was on the Tibetan Plateau. And he looked at me, and he said to me, ‘Can you define America?'” Biden said.

“And I could say the same thing if he asked me to define Greece. I said, ‘Yes, one word,’ – and I mean this sincerely; it’s reg- it’s recorded. I said, ‘One word: possibilities.’ ‘Possibilities.'”

Despite his claims, no evidence has been revealed that proves that Biden and Xi traveled 17,000 miles together.

As mentioned before, the president has told this story numerous times and it’s been fact-checked before.

Glenn Kessler, a fact checker for the Washington Post, gave Biden “bottomless Pinocchios” in 2022 for the made-up story.

In 2021, Kessler noted that Biden has been telling this same story since 2016. Each time he tells the story, he provides no evidence to prove that it’s true.

Catherine Kim, an editor for Politico, detailed recently how former President Donald Trump is the one who actually has a friendlier relationship with Xi. President Biden can’t exactly say the same according to Kim.

“Even amidst his threats of tariffs, the former president has never held back on his praise for Xi, recently calling him a ‘very good friend of mine during my term.’ Biden does not share the same admiration: He’s publicly called Xi a dictator, a term that has received vigorous pushback from China’s foreign ministry,” Kim wrote in a newsletter.

Kim detailed in her newsletter that a New York Times report claims that China is helping Trump win the 2024 presidential election by creating a social media campaign to benefit him.

A Trump campaign spokesman, Steven Cheung didn’t take kindly to Kim’s remarks and called her out on them in a statement of his own.

“In Politico’s Nightly newsletter, Catherine Kim makes a harebrained assertion that China would prefer President Trump to return to the White House. The same President Trump who made China submit to pro-America trade and tariff regulations, called them out for exporting the Coronavirus that killed millions across the world, and stood tough against Chinese economic aggression throughout his first term,” Cheung said.

Cheung then went after Biden and his weak foreign policy towards China.

“The fact is that China has grown stronger under a weak Biden presidency, and our allies are even more in danger as China builds up its economic and military power. Deadly Chinese fentanyl continues to flow into American communities killing scores of people while illegal Chinese migrants are the fastest growing group crossing the Southern Border.”

President Joe Biden can repeat all the fake stories about his supposed friendship with Xi Jinping, but the facts remain the same. His handling of China and his foreign policy decisions towards that country, are abysmal at best.

Maybe he should focus on figuring out a way to properly handle them as opposed to making up anecdotes about his time with their president.

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