Joe Biden is preparing to suspend the Constitution with this insane move

Joe Biden

President Biden is under immense pressure right now. He’s about to make a major mistake, though.

Because Joe Biden is preparing to suspend the Constitution with this insane move.

The debt ceiling issue has become priority number one for many on Capitol Hill, including the President.

The issue is that House and Senate Republicans are not willing to play along and continue to raise the debt ceiling without significant ground work being laid to start cutting into the budget deficit.

If progress is not made to address the trillions of dollars that the federal government is in debt, then the balloon could very well pop on Americans with no warning whatsoever.

Joe Biden and the Democrats, however, don’t want to cut their spending at all. They want to just raise the debt ceiling and deal with the issue later.

The stand off between Congressional Republicans and the White House has been going on for weeks but is reaching a boiling point because of the estimated June 1 time frame that the federal government has to figure something out to continue paying debts.

Joe Biden isn’t willing to play along either. Reports indicate that Joe Biden is preparing to use the U.S. Constitution to give him the authority to continue to take on debt without Congressional approval.

President Biden stated on Tuesday that he has been considering using the 14th Amendment to circumvent the debt ceiling unilaterally, but he admitted that this won’t be a practical short-term option given that the country is on course to default without congressional action by June.

After a discussion with congressional leaders on the debt ceiling, Biden told reporters, “I have been considering the 14th Amendment, and the man I have enormous respect for, Larry Tribe … thinks that it would be legitimate.”

The issue is that it would need to be litigated, said Biden. “And in the meantime, without an extension, it would still end up in the same place.”

After the White House and lawmakers finish lifting the debt ceiling, Biden continued, he intends to investigate whether the court will decide that the 14th Amendment permits the president to continue issuing debt.

McCarthy, however, dismissed the notion.

In the Capitol, he said, “Really think about this. If you’re the leader, if you’re the only president, and you’re going to the 14th amendment to look at something like that, I would think you’re kind of a failure of working with people across the aisle, or working with your own party to get something done.”

Inside the Beltway, discussion about whether the debt ceiling is legal under the 14th Amendment, which primarily addresses citizenship and was introduced to the Constitution after the Civil War, has heated up as worries the United States will default become more pressing.

The concept is predicated on the 14th Amendment’s clause that states that the public debt “shall not be questioned.”

Joe Biden and his Democrat administration would be extremely hard pressed to prove in court that he has the constitutional authority to use the 14th amendment to act without Congressional approval with regards to the federal debt ceiling.

The constitutional crisis that Joe Biden would be causing by using the 14th amendment to act unilaterally, and arguably illegally, could be worse than the debt issue itself.

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