Joe Biden just did the unthinkable to a top border patrol agent

Joe Biden

The crisis at the southern border is out of control. That may be by design.

Because Joe Biden just did the unthinkable to a top border patrol agent.

CBP official Gregory Bovino formerly served as Chief Patrol Officer in the El Centro Sector of the U.S. southern border, and on Friday, conservatives on the House Oversight and Homeland Security committees wrote to the Biden demanding answers about possible retaliation they’ve taken against Bovino.

During a transcripted interview with legislators earlier this month, Bovino stated that he had been “relieved of his command.”

Bovino stated that he was transferred to the Washington, D.C. branch “indefinitely.”

The American public has had it with a subpar and dysfunctional federal government. Some Republicans in the nation’s capital are as well.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee CBP Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Commissioner Troy A. Miller was sent a letter from Kentucky’s Chairman James Comer and Tennessee’s House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green requesting a briefing on all information related to Bovino’s transfer to Washington, D.C.

“We write with deep concern that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials may have retaliated against a witness in a Congressional investigation,” the two chairs wrote.

A credible whistleblower with extensive experience and knowledge of CBP personnel practices has informed the Committees that on July 12, 2023, Gregory K. Bovino, Chief Patrol Agent of the El Centro Border Patrol Sector, was let go of his command and reassigned to a vacant position within hours of completing a voluntary recorded interview with the Committee on Oversight and Accountability and the Committee on Homeland Security.

Students majoring in progressive bureaucracy develop the skills to be “vague” and “indefinite” in their college studies.

The letter from Coomer and Green continued, “Given the suspicious timing of the reassignment coinciding with Chief Bovino’s cooperation with a Congressional inquiry,” demanding that the “CBP account for the current status of Chief Bovino’s employment and assignment within the U.S. Border Patrol, provide documents and communications relevant to any reassignment and the reasons for any related employment action, and brief the Committee on this matter.”

Sadly, this isn’t an outlier.

Don’t forget how journalist Matt Taibbi’s “Twitter Files” highlighted the government’s pressure on digital giants to hide information from the public. Just three weeks after Taibbi’s revelation of the incriminating papers, the IRS came knocking on his door.

Consider the instance of Mark Houck, a pro-life activist and father of seven who was raided by dozens of armed federal officials on a false allegation that had been dismissed by a Philadelphia District Court but was brought up again by Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice.

Furthermore, the FBI is going after parents who speak up at school board meetings, presumably because they are opposed to the progressive lunatics who are brainwashing their children.

Some examples of situations that were scrutinized by conservative media are the ones listed above. No one knows how many individuals the Biden administration has hounded or plans to harass for partisan gain.

We’ve never seen a weaponization of government on this level before. And the Biden administration is directly responsible for it.

They’re trying to take out the leading Presidential candidate on dozens of phony indictment charges, for crying out loud.

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