Joe Biden just got exposed for these unearthed comments that will surely sink his campaign

Joe Biden

The president has said all sorts of insane things over the years. But this takes the cake.

And Joe Biden just got exposed for these unearthed comments that will surely sink his reelection campaign.

2020 was a whirlwind of a year.

From the COVID pandemic to the Black Lives Matter riots that summer, there was no shortage of chaos.

While the rioting took place by BLM activists, Joe Biden decided to blame the violence on then-President Donald Trump. This was campaign tactic that Biden and the Left tried to use to convince Americans that Trump was responsible for all that was wrong in America at the time.

“Remember: every example of violence Donald Trump decries has happened on his watch,” Biden said in a post on Twitter (which is now named X) in late summer of 2020.

“Under his leadership. During his presidency.”

But as violence and unhinged anti-Israel protests break out across college campuses around the country, people on social media are resurfacing that Biden post from 2020.

“It’s now the year 2024, three full years into Joe Biden’s presidency and Jewish students are being block from their college campuses, and being told to stay home and remote learn. Is this the soul of the nation healed?” Stephen Miller, a conservative pundit, said on X.

“Joe Biden has looked the other way as Democrat foot soldiers hijack universities across America,” Lisa Boothe, a contributor on Fox News, said to Fox News Digital.

“He’ more concerned about winning votes in Dearborn, Michigan, than condemning the 20-year-olds cheering for intifada.”

President Biden’s old social media post, or the intern who wrote it for him, aged like milk.

Will he now blame himself for the violence that’s occurring in America since it’s happening under his leadership?

The answer to that is likely no.

Instead Joe Biden is trying to play both sides in an effort to retain votes for this year’s presidential election.

But that strategy is not working, as he looks weak by many Americans who want him to take a stand against the unruly, antisemitic protests.

According to GOPAC chairman David Avella, Americans feel far less safe after just three years of Biden’s term as president.

“Gallup reported more than 75% of Americans believe there’s more crime in the country than there was in 2022,” Avella said to Fox News Digital.

It’s time for Democrats to take law and order seriously and to hold themselves accountable for instead of blaming violence on Republicans and Donald Trump.

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