Joe Biden lost his mind after he saw what Nancy Pelosi just did

Joe Biden

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden have been thick as thieves for decades. But all of that just came crashing to an end.

Because Joe Biden lost his mind after he saw what Nancy Pelosi just did.

The Democrat Party surprised many on election night this November when the Red Wave never materialized.

Instead of being swept in both chambers of Congress, they are likely to pick up a Senate seat.

But their luck didn’t hold out in the House of Representatives, where Republicans will control a slim majority until Biden is up for reelection.

With losing the House, many looked to Nancy Pelosi to see what she planned to do in the aftermath.

And Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 82, announced Thursday that she will not run for re-election as the House’s top Democrat but will remain in office.

Essentially, Pelosi will fade into the background and allow fresh liberal blood into leadership.

Pelosi, who rose to prominence as a Democratic leader during the George W. Bush administration, made the announcement from the House floor in a speech that touched on democracy, diversity, and elections, and was met with applause from Democrats throughout.

She insisted on continuing to represent the people of San Francisco.

“For me, the hour has come for a new generation to lead the Democratic caucus that I so deeply respect,” said Pelosi.

Pelosi also mentioned her husband Paul briefly, who was hospitalized when an attacker stormed into their San Francisco home and assaulted him with a hammer.

David DePape, the suspect, has pled not guilty, and pals claim he has a history of substance misuse, mental instability, and belief in conspiracy theories.

President Joe Biden issued a statement shortly after the news, describing her as one of the most “significant” speakers in history.

“Nancy Pelosi is first, last, and always for the people. Jill and I count Nancy, Paul, and their family among our dearest friends. As a nation, we owe her a deep debt of gratitude for her service, her patriotism, and above all, her absolute dignity,” he said.

Though he has put up a mask of happiness surrounding Nancy Pelosi’s decision to give up her role in leadership, this is a great loss for Biden.

Joe Biden and Pelosi are only two years apart in age and have run the show in D.C. for decades.

Without her controlling Democrats in the House, it opens up the Democrats to even more radical Leftists in their party who my try to oust the old guard.

But only time will tell if there is enough support for some of the more rabid on the Left to rocket up to lead.

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