Joe Biden made one laughable claim that has Democrats scrambling for somewhere to hide

Joe Biden

President Biden has the uncanny ability to embarrass his own party every chance he gets. Some things never change.

And Joe Biden made one laughable claim that has Democrats scrambling for somewhere to hide.

President Biden and the Democrats have been beating their chests after they staved off the worst in the 2022 midterms.

Thanks to what many conservative commentators have called “poor candidate quality,” Democrats retained grasp on power in the Senate.

The House of Representatives, however, swung to the Republicans – all but dooming Joe Biden’s agenda for his final two years in office.

Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped Biden from claiming victory over the Republicans.

And it’s no surprise that after the shocking outcome, Biden made clear that he intends to run for a second term in 2024.

Still, his presidency is plagued with scandal after scandal and Americans have made clear they want someone else to run for the Democrat nomination.

Joe doesn’t seem to see the writing on the walls. Instead he made an enormously arrogant statement at a recent event at the White House.

President Biden called himself the greatest president in American history.

“I tell you what,” the president said. “No one’s ever done as much as president as this administration’s doing. Period.”

Biden spoke at the White House Tribal Nations Summit, which was set to include fresh announcements and initiatives to implement new policies that benefit Tribal communities.

The summit, held at the Department of the Interior, allows tribal leaders to meet with top U.S. officials to discuss strategies to build nation-to-nation partnerships and ensure indigenous communities survive for years to come.

During the summit’s first day, Biden stated that he was certain to make mistakes.

“Don’t hesitate to correct me when I make [them],” he said. “I know you; you won’t hesitate.”

“Mistakes” is certainly a generous way to characterize the Biden administration and their handling of domestic and foreign policy.

Biden’s job performance has constantly been viewed negatively by the majority of Americans.

On his watch, prices for common commodities like as gas and food have reached new highs.

According to a recent Pentagon study, his retreat from Afghanistan, during which 13 Americans were murdered and an unknown number of Afghans who had previously helped with the US were left behind, was a propaganda gift to China.

Following the retreat, the Taliban quickly assumed control.

And since Biden’s appointment, the US-Mexico border has experienced a record number of illegal crossings month after month.

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