Joe Biden makes a terrifying admission about his health

joe biden

The president’s age is of great concern for voters. But now he’s only heightened their worries.

Because Joe Biden just made a terrifying admission about his health.

At 81 years old, President Biden is by far the oldest U.S. president to have ever served.

And his age is definitely something that has Americans concerned, even Democrats.

Many of Biden’s critics have deemed him cognitively impaired and physically weak at times.

But after he delivered his State of the Union address on Thursday night, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) shot down those claims.

Nadler told Biden on the floor of the House chamber after the address that “nobody’s going to talk about cognitively impaired now.”

That’s when the president gave a very odd response in reply.

“I kind of wish sometimes I was cognitively impaired,” Biden said in a joking manner.

That was certainly a very odd thing for him to say considering his mental acuity has been heavily questioned recently.

Just last month, special counsel Robert Hur delivered a report regarding Biden’s mishandling of classified documents.

In the report Hur discussed how Biden has a “poor memory” among other things that prove the president isn’t as sharp as he once was.

After that report came out President Biden held a press conference where he made a multitude of gaffes including confusing the Egyptian and Mexican president’s names.

And when he was making his remarks for the State of the Union he had several occurrences where he slurred his speech.

Biden also tried to say the name of Laken Riley, the young woman who was recently killed by an illegal alien thanks to the president’s awful border policies, but accidentally said “Lincoln Riley” instead.

That of course caused quite a bit of outrage, especially among Republicans who believe the Biden admin’s border policies led to Riley’s death as well as the deaths of others.

Maybe now isn’t the best time for Joe Biden to joke about wanting to be “cognitively impaired.”

But he probably doesn’t have the mental capacity right now to understand why.

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