Joe Biden ordered a stand-down that played right into China’s hand

xi jinping

America’s military is a shell of its former self under Biden. Joe wants to hand away our power on a silver platter.

And Joe Biden ordered a stand-down that played right into China’s hand.

President Biden’s foreign policy has to be one of the worst in recent memory.

His disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan killed 13 American servicemen.

His allowing of Chinese spy balloons over the United States mainland has threatened our national security.

And his handling of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has pushed America closer to a nuclear holocaust.

But rather than fix his mistakes, he’s handing the responsibility over to the Chinese.

In White House briefings on Monday and Tuesday, National Security Council (NSC) Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby told reporters that China could play a “constructive role” in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by reaching out to Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, and “press[ing] Russia to pull its troops out of Ukraine.”

Kirby stressed that if Zelensky “can get behind” a path to peace, even if it is advocated by China, “he’ll find no better friend in that effort than the United States.”

In February, the Chinese Communist Party launched a full-fledged public relations campaign to implicate itself in the Ukraine incursion. Although Beijing is one of Russia’s closest allies, it also maintains friendly relations with Ukraine.

Ukraine is a member of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), an infrastructure plan in which China entices impoverished countries with predatory loans to pay for the construction of roads, ports, and trains, which China then seizes when the governments default on their payments. To no success, Zelensky has made public calls for a meeting with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, as well as for China to push Russia to cease its invasion.

Xi Jinping left Moscow on Wednesday after a two-day visit that included hours of meetings with Putin. Both parties admitted to discussing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but neither Xi nor Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed on any definitive measures of response.

Following his arrival in Russia on Monday, Xi declared that China would “guard the world order.” China’s Foreign Ministry and state media outlets have aggressively touted China as the best potential mediator to end the war.

On the anniversary of Putin’s “special operation” to depose Zelensky in February, China unveiled a “peace plan” for Ukraine that included eliminating sanctions on Russia, opposing the use of nuclear weapons, and urging all sides to “calm down as soon as possible.”

“If there is a country able to play a role in mediating the Ukraine crisis, it has to be a country with a true neutral stance and a position of justice, and the US has already lost this position,” the Chinese state-run newspaper Global Times asserted on Monday, “so in the next stage, China will keep making efforts for mediation, and during Xi’s visit to Russia, the world will hold high expectations of what progress China will make with Russia.”

Speaking to reporters in the White House briefing room on Tuesday, Kirby repeatedly denied that China was a “impartial” actor, citing its close relationship with Russia and opposition to Western sanctions targeting Russia’s major industries.

Kirby, however, did not totally condemn Chinese intervention in Eastern Europe, suggesting that China may take steps to enhance neutrality.

“So, now, if China wants to play a constructive role here in this conflict, then they ought to press Russia to pull its troops out of Ukraine and Ukrainian sovereign territory,” Kirby said.

“They should urge President Putin to cease bombing cities, hospitals, and schools; to stop the war crimes and the atrocities; and end the war today. It could happen right now.”

Due to a lack of communication with Ukraine, Kirby regarded the portrayal of China as “impartial.”

“Now, look, if — if he’s [Xi] willing to talk to President Zelenskyy and willing to get the other side and — and we — you know, if any future potential negotiation can incorporate Ukrainian views and perspectives and can be achieved and pursued with Ukraine,” Kirby suggested, “if that’s the direction, then that’s something that could be seen as impartial. But I just don’t think right now that they can be seen that way.”

That’s right, we’re encouraging China to play a greater role in a possible peace in Ukraine knowing full well they aren’t impartial.

This plays right into China’s global aspirations.

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