Joe Biden screamed at his staff after being hit with a devastating report

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Biden wants to keep the keys to the Oval Office more than anything. But his days are numbered.

And Joe Biden screamed at his staff after being hit with a devastating report.

According to Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) polls, President Joe Biden’s favorability among Americans is at a four-year low as the embattled octogenarian seeks a second term in office.

Only 37% of Americans think positively of Biden, while 60% think negatively of him, reaching his lowest unfavorable rating since 2019.

Biden’s favorability rating declined somewhat during the 2020 election season, from 42 percent in October 2019. After taking office, he had a favorable rating of 55%.

According to the study, the president has an 80 percent approval rating among Democrats.

Only 32 percent of the 80 percent who like Joe Biden think he is extremely nice.

Joe Biden is viewed favorably by only three in ten independents (30%) and six percent of Republicans.

According to Pew Research, the 80-year-old’s current favorability among Democrats (80 percent) is barely behind the Democrat average favorability of former President Barack Obama (81 percent).

In December 2016, however, Americans had a 64 percent overall favorable assessment of Obama, a 27-point difference.

From August 25 to 30, 2,525 Americans were polled, with a margin of error of 2.1 points. The Open Society Foundations, a grantmaking network created by business magnate George Soros, a far-left billionaire activist, provided “generous support” for PRRI’s poll.

The survey comes amid a run of failures and scandals for Biden.

During his presidency, the country saw the disastrous Afghan pullout, inflation surge, gas prices skyrocket, Russia attacked Ukraine, and Hamas terrorized Israeli residents, all while migrants flooded the country’s southern border.

The business transactions of Biden and his family are maybe the most serious controversy consuming them.

And unfortunately for Biden, in CNBC’s All-America Economic Survey, 46 percent of registered voters said they were leaning toward voting for Trump or would vote for him “[i]f the election for president were held today.”

Forty-two percent said they either leaned toward or would vote for Biden, and 12 percent said they would vote for neither or are undecided.

And with war in the Middle East a looming possibility, many Americans view his handling of foreign policy as terrible.

Results showed 31 percent said they either approved or leaned toward approving of the president’s “dealing with foreign policy,” and 60 percent said they either disapproved or leaned toward disapproving.

All of this together is painting a pretty bleak picture for Biden and his staff.

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