Joe Biden should be impeached for what’s in this new military report

Joe Biden

The Biden administration is trying to hide a major truth from Americans. But there’s no hiding anymore.

Now Joe Biden should be impeached for what’s in this new military report.

According to American military sources, the drone assault that left a U.S. military contractor dead in northeast Syria on March 23 and more than twenty American civilian and military employees injured was carried out by a militia in northern Iraq supported by Iran.

In response to inquiries from The Wall Street Journal on Saturday, a senior U.S. military official revealed that the attack had an Iraqi origin, which had not previously been published.

Since August, Iranian-backed militias have tried four drone assaults against American forces abroad, all from Iraqi land.

The cross-border attacks highlight the challenges the Biden administration confronts in the Middle East as it reorients its military strategy to deter China and Russia. It also emphasizes the difficulties the United States confronts in formulating a strategy for addressing Iraq 20 years after destroying Saddam Hussein’s rule.

Aiming to cooperate with Prime Minister Mohammad al-Sudani, who has floated between Washington and Tehran since assuming office last October, the United States has 2,500 troops in Iraq assisting local forces in their fight against Islamic State relics.

The Biden administration has talked quietly with Baghdad authorities about the threats posed by Iranian-backed militias that exercise enormous influence in the country in order to deflect accusations in Iraq that it is meddling in domestic affairs.

Some former officials and analysts who claim the government has downplayed issues in Iraq, especially militias funded by Tehran, have criticized that strategy.

The United States’ first fatality in Syria since President Biden took office was a contractor who was killed on March 23 in an attack on a maintenance hangar close to Hasakah. 24 American service members and a second contractor were hurt, several of them with traumatic brain injuries.

Although U.S. intelligence specialists did not pinpoint the drone’s launch location for weeks, U.S. officials swiftly identified the drone as Iranian after inspecting the debris.

“When that attack happened, we did not know the launch point. We were able to exploit the engine of the drone, which had a serial number, which clearly tied it back to Iran,” a top U.S. official claimed.

Attacks by militias backed by Iran in Syria have largely ceased since then, according to American officials.

Contrary to its predecessor, the Biden administration has refrained from using bombings within Iraq to neutralize militia threats, reasoning that doing so may inflame nationalist feeling toward the country’s small American military presence and that there are other methods to hold Iran responsible.

Some commentators claim that the administration’s unwillingness to even acknowledge the presence of Iraqi militias has reduced American influence over their control.

American officials have been sluggish to admit drones used in other attacks against American forces that were launched from Iraqi land.

An Iranian-backed organization also launched a three-drone strike on the al-Tanf garrison in southeast Syria on January 20 from nearby Iraq, according to U.S. sources, who spoke to the Wall Street Journal.

An unsuccessful attack was launched in August against Kuwait’s Ali Al Salem Air Base, where American forces are stationed.

U.S. military officials rejected the assertion as nothing more than propaganda after an Iraqi militant group claimed responsibility for the strike. However, according to current American authorities, parts of a Qasef-2K drone were later discovered on Iraqi soil, proving the strike had been undertaken.

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