Joe Biden unleashes a dangerous scheme that has all hell breaking loose

joe biden

Biden’s popularity is dwindling. That’s causing him to act deranged.

And Joe Biden unleashes a dangerous scheme that has all hell breaking loose.

President Biden is gearing up for his 2024 reelection campaign.

He and the Democrat Party are going to have to overcome his poor approval rating in order for him to win a second term.

One plan the Biden campaign has, is to go all in on the abortion issue and restore Roe v. Wade.

On Sunday, President Biden’s deputy campaign manager Quentin Fulks appeared on an episode of NBC’s Meet the Press where he detailed this plan even further with host Kristen Welker.

“You talk about democracy being on the ballot. Some top Democratic lawmakers say, ‘Okay, good to be focused on former President Trump, but you’ve got to talk about what a second Biden agenda would look like.’ What would on day one President Biden’s top priority be?” Welker asked.

“Well, look, the president announced this campaign with the moniker of ‘Finish the job, and protecting freedom and democracy.’ So when we talk about that, let’s look at it. First of all, Roe,” Fulks answered.

“The president has been adamant that we need to restore Roe. It is unfathomable that women today wake up in a country with less rights than their ancestors had years ago.”

So when the Biden campaign talks about finishing the job, they really mean create an easier path for unborn children to be k*lled through abortion.

Instead of focusing on issues like inflation or the border crisis, Joe Biden and his Democrat pals would rather put all their efforts into codifying Roe v. Wade into law.

But this is all the Democrats seem to run on in their campaigns ever since the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade in June of 2022.

Former Biden White House chief of staff Ron Klain made a prediction to Politico that abortion will “be a major theme in the 2024 campaign.”

“You’re going to have a Democrat, Joe Biden, who has stood up for a woman’s right to choose and is pushing for federal legislation to restore Roe v. Wade as the law of the land against a Republican who obviously has a very different point of view,” Klain added.

He also mentioned that the Left will try to contrast their policies with that of “MAGA Republicans” who want to take away American’s freedoms.

If anything, Joe Biden and his campaign are showing that their priorities are in the absolute wrong place.

They’d rather repeat the lie that a woman has a right to get an abortion and if she can’t, then she has less rights than someone who lived in this country 200 years ago.

It’s a scare tactic that is used to try and win over as many votes as possible.

And it’s why the Biden administration must be stopped and not given a chance at a second term come this November.

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