Joe Biden was rocked after hearing about this Leftist’s backstabbing plan against him

beto o'rourke

Biden is hoping he has every Democrat onboard for his reelection efforts. But those hopes are likely just a pipe dream at this point.

And Joe Biden was rocked after hearing about this Leftist’s backstabbing plan against him.

Former Texas Rep. and former Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has come out in favor of Michigan voters’ plan to vote “uncommitted” in the Democrat primary.

The plan has been set in place in order to put pressure on President Biden to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

“I do think it makes sense for those who want to see this administration do more, or do a better job, to exert that political pressure and get the president’s attention and the attention of those on his campaign so that the United States does better,” O’Rourke said to the Michigan Advance.

“I agree with the aims and goals.”

Biden issued support for Israel after they were attacked on October 7 by Hamas. The attack caused 1,200 Israelis to be killed.

And while the president’s support of Israel has not been perfect by any means, he’s still being called on by Democrats to call for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and to stop his support of the Jewish nation.

“We should have a ceasefire, there should be a return of each [and] every single one of those hostages [taken by Hamas], there should be an end to this war, and there should be a negotiated solution to Palestinian statehood,” O’Rourke continued.

“All of that needs to happen, and I share the concern that the United States is not doing close to enough to bring those things to pass.”

O’Rourke a former presidential candidate for the Democrats in 2020, ran against Biden before ultimately dropping out of the race.

He then went and endorsed Biden.

But running for president isn’t the only thing the radical Leftist politician has failed at.

In 2018, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) defeated O’Rourke for one of the state’s senate seats.

O’Rourke also lost to Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) in a gubernatorial bid in the Lone Star State in 2022.

So after years of facing up against Republicans, it looks like Beto O’Rourke is now going up against his own party, specifically its leader, President Joe Biden.

The Israel-Hamas conflict has seemingly split the party over the past several months, with many politicians like O’Rourke, in full favor of a ceasefire.

But then there’s others like Biden, and even Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) who have given their support to Israel.

This issue could end up hurting the Left come election day this November as the party continues to cannibalize itself.

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