Joe Biden was sent a video of Ron DeSantis that he couldn’t believe was real

ron desantis

The race for the White House in 2024 is heating up. But it just got thrown for a loop.

Because Joe Biden was sent a video of Ron DeSantis that he couldn’t believe was real.

Most believe that the 2024 presidential race is effectively a three-way race between Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis.

Joe Biden really doesn’t want to run against Ron DeSantis, though.

Democrat insiders have been telling Joe Biden to play up the Trump threat so they can run against him rather than Ron DeSantis come time for the general election season.

Whether or not that’s a good idea for them is unknown, but they might want to be prepared to run against Ron DeSantis anyway.

The polls do show that Ron DeSantis is lagging behind Donald Trump in national Republican voter support at the moment, which makes sense. Donald Trump is a known candidate since he was the former President of the United States.

National polls alone don’t win primaries and elections, though. There’s campaign strategy, advertising, and fundraising that all comes into play.

Ron DeSantis is shaping up to have a very strong fundraising team, and his those supporting his campaign seem to know what they are doing.

This is exhibited by a very strong ad that has started to run in support for Ron DeSantis for President by a super PAC, Never Back Down.

The ad discusses how “the world went mad” while Florida “stood as a refuge of sanity.”

It highlights how Florida has become a place for American ideals to thrive while many other states are chipping away at those ideals.

DeSantis is heard in the ad saying that “You’re coming after the rights of parents; I’m standing in your way. Freedom is here to stay.”

Check out the ad below:

The PAC behind the ad raised more than $30 million since it got started in early March, showing that there’s strong support for DeSantis as President.

DeSantis’s state political committee has also raised nearly $100 million, with half of that coming from donations that were from outside of Florida.

Never Back Down is headed up by the former AG of Virginia and gubernatorial candidate, Ken Cuccinelli, who has a long history of being a strong conservative bulwark and a critical aide for many Republicans seeking office.

If Ron DeSantis delivers strong campaign ads, fundraising, and keeps a smart team together, he will be a candidate that Joe Biden will want to steer clear of entirely.

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