Joe Biden’s biggest scandal is back to haunt him

Joe Biden

President Biden was hoping no one would uncover the truth of this scandal. But that day has come.

Because Joe Biden’s biggest scandal is back to haunt him for the rest of his life.

It didn’t take long for Joe Biden’s approval numbers to tank when he became the President of the United States.

His ratings started to drop and fast in July and August of 2021, largely as a result of the way Americans saw how incompetent Joe Biden is.

The issue that really hurt Biden was his downright awful plan – or lack thereof – to pull out all U.S. personnel out of Afghanistan to finally end the war there.

Americans watched in horror as U.S. citizens were left with little security in Afghanistan due to the Biden administration’s complete incompetency.

Then the American public would find out that Joe Biden and his White House admin left extremely valuable military equipment for the Taliban who quickly took over Afghanistan as soon as the U.S. completed the hasty exit.

Photos and videos started to emerge that showed the Taliban posing with American equipment to mock America for handing over Afghanistan so easily because of Joe Biden’s failures.

This scandal really tanked Biden’s approval ratings and they haven’t been able to recover since. And it’s come back to haunt Biden at least once more.

According to a government watchdog group, the Biden administration unexpectedly left Afghanistan in 2021 and left U.S. military assets worth $7.2 billion in Taliban hands.

According to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction’s findings, the remaining military hardware included airplanes, missiles, communications equipment, and biometric devices.

But, the United States, which has given the Afghan military about $18.6 billion over the past 20 years, cannot fully certify the “final tally of military equipment abandoned” in Afghanistan.

The majority of the Afghanistan catastrophe has been attributed by SIGAR investigators to Military officials and various administrations, from former President George W. Bush to current President Joe Biden.

The watchdog group also says that there is a concern that a similar situation could happen with Ukraine given that we are sending hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine and the federal government is not able to account for all of it.

“Given the ongoing conflict and the unprecedented volume of weapons being transferred to Ukraine, the risk that some equipment ends up on the black market or in the wrong hands is likely unavoidable,” the watchdog said of the Ukraine issue.

Interventionist foreign policy got us in this position and has been a problem ever since the 1970s.

So while it’s not new, Joe Biden may be falling into the same trap that got America involved in expensive wars that the United States had no way of winning or any real benefit in attempting to win.

Because if the amount of money Biden and the Democrats are willing to send over to Ukraine is any indication, their next step truly might be getting the U.S. military involved against Russia.

The Democrats’ rhetoric certainly makes that seem like a possibility.

Make no mistake about it, that would be one of the worst decisions the Biden administration could make right now.

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