Joe Biden’s face turned blue after hearing a military warning about China

Joe Biden

Over the past ten years, China has rapidly turned into a significant challenge to American sovereignty. Some contend that the greatest threat to America in the globe comes from communist China.

Then Joe Biden’s face turned blue when he heard the military issue a warning about China.

China has been the world’s top exporter since 2009 thanks to its dependence on dictatorial, communist economic principles.

But unlike any other industrialized country in the world, China is also deeply in debt.

China, which is now the second-largest military spender in the world, has been quietly increasing its military presence.

And they continue to spend more money.

Some have come to feel that war is imminent due to this and the fact that China and the US disagree on a number of important subjects.

Recently, Gordon Chang of the Gatestone Institute, a nonpartisan think tank that promotes free democracies, appeared on Fox News to discuss how under the Biden administration, our military is currently underprepared.

Let’s just say it doesn’t sound nice.

“They’re not prepared for a number of reasons. First of all, the Navy has been broken for a decade. The Air Force is not in great shape either, and also the political leadership in the Pentagon is not, I think, mentally prepared to fight a general war… They’re much more interested in things like… woke culture and the rest of it,” Chang began.

Even if some people don’t believe a fight with the Chinese is likely to occur anytime soon, he said, we need to be ready for combat in a matter of hours, not years.

“But also, they believe that if a conflict with China comes, it’ll come no earlier than five years from now, and that’s why they’re retiring ships and planes. They need to be ready for a conflict with China in the next few hours, not five years from now,” Chang added.

The Chinese threat was one that the Trump administration took extremely seriously.

He was the first prominent US official to call for an investigation into China’s alleged purposeful or unintentional release of the COVID-19 virus.

Trump received jeers for even suggesting such a plan at the time.

Today, it’s widely accepted that China should be looked into to some extent for what happened with the COVID-19 virus.

On the other side, Joe Biden has done nothing at all to hold China responsible for anything.

Similar to the problem on the southern border, he hasn’t done anything about it.

President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are focusing on managing their “differences and work together on areas of shared interest.” according to the Biden White House.

In reality, the Biden administration has done little to mitigate the threat that China poses on a global scale.

And as commander in chief of a justifiable fight with China or any other significant world power at this time, Biden is incapable.