Joe Biden’s newest plan for illegal immigrants is truly insane

Joe Biden

President Biden and the Democrats are out of control. They are destroying everything that makes America great.

And now Joe Biden’s newest plan for illegal immigrants will leave you speechless.

One of the most pressing challenges the country is currently dealing with is illegal immigration, yet neither Washington, D.C., nor the media are really discussing it.

Illegal immigration doesn’t receive the attention it merits because of unmanageable inflation, exorbitant gas costs, the current conflict in Ukraine, and a potential conflict in Taiwan, as well as the complete incompetence of the government taking up most of the attention.

However, more illegal immigrants are now entering the country from the South than ever before.

They enter the country in large numbers thanks to the Biden administration’s open invitation, as illegal aliens are aware that nothing will be done to them if they are discovered entering illegally or even if they are discovered living in the country tax-free and taking advantage of all the Democrat-secured handouts while middle-class Americans struggle.

Additionally, many illegal immigrants already have a range of legal protections and entitlements when they cross the southern border; these benefits are rewards for breaking the law. Working-class Americans can only dream of such privileges.

Now, a new group of illegal immigrants is going to be granted the fundamental freedom that, except members of the ruling class elite, no other American has ever experienced.

This past week, dozens of Democrats in the House and Senate submitted a bill called “The Dignity for Detained Immigrants” Act, which is nothing more than a “get out of jail free” pass for undocumented immigrants.

Democrats are pursuing a proposal in the legislation that would make it unlawful to imprison illegal aliens who identify as LGBTQ2+, led by Senator Cory Booker (D-NY).

Democrats have been advocating for this for years.

By being classified as a “vulnerable person,” persons who identify as LGBT or who identify with a gender other than their biological gender are allowed to escape being imprisoned for the crimes they commit.

In essence, the U.S. government will have to clear a lot of hurdles to imprison a gay or transgender illegal immigrant.

For heterosexual illegal aliens who identify with their biological sex, the same additional red tape does not apply.

The bill, according to Congressman Adam Smith (D–WA), “is a crucial step forward to bringing due process back to our immigration system and centering the humanity and dignity of people who come to our country to build a better life.”

It is amazing how Congress can waste time on such trivial matters, as if protecting gay and transgender illegal aliens from punishment for their crimes somehow outweighs the concerns of the nation, the 325 million American citizens who actually live here, and every other illegal alien who isn’t gay or transgender.

If this is put into effect, it goes without saying that the number of gay and transgender illegal immigrants will start to mysteriously increase.

Literally, nothing prevents the hundreds of criminal illegal immigrants from feigning homosexuality or transgender identity in order to escape justice.

And it’s obvious that Democrats want things to be that way.