Joe Manchin makes a 2024 announcement that made Biden’s heart stop

joe manchin

The Democrats are sweating their chances in the upcoming election. Now they’ve been thrown a massive curveball.

Because Joe Manchin made a 2024 announcement that made Biden’s heart stop.

With Biden’s poll numbers plummeting, plenty of politicians in the Democrat Party are eyeing to see if they can swoop in and steal his position.

Gavin Newsom’s name has been thrown around a bit, but he’s only shown support for Biden lately.

On the other hand, Joe Manchin hasn’t ruled out the possibility.

Manchin is scheduled to speak at a New Hampshire forum next month, fueling speculation about a White House run because the program is usually designated for presidential contenders.

On Jan. 12, Manchin will speak at the “Politics & Eggs” event presented by the New England Council and the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, fueling suspicion that the West Virginia Democrat is exploring a presidential run next year.

Manchin has kept the door open to a White House run, telling CNN last month that he is thinking about it but hasn’t made up his mind.

Manchin will be in attendance to kick off his new organization’s national listening tour.

Americans Together aims to offer a platform for voters in the center in order to “build a bridge between popular will and political outcomes.”

Manchin announced last month that he would not seek reelection to the Senate next year, raising questions about what the West Virginia Democrat might do next, while reigniting Democratic fears that his entry into the presidential race could cost President Joe Biden the White House in 2024.

Even if Manchin did run in 2024, it’s unclear whether he’d run as an independent candidate or with a third-party outfit like No Labels.

The West Virginia Democrat has previously stated that he would only contemplate a No Labels ticket if it provided a feasible road to the presidency and ballot access in all 50 states, and that he would only run for president if he could win.

As of last month, No Labels has qualified for ballot access in 12 states.

Some Democrats have criticized No Labels, claiming that a third-party ticket will “spoil” the election for Biden by siphoning votes away from the incumbent, handing the presidency to former President Donald Trump.

Manchin said that if he runs, it will not have a detrimental impact on the election.

“I’ve never been a spoiler in my life of anything, and I would never be a spoiler now,” Manchin told NBC’s Meet the Press last month.

Manchin has not stated when he plans to make a decision, but has stated that it would most likely be around Super Tuesday in early March.

The first round of caucuses and primary elections will take place in January, leaving the West Virginia Democrat with a little window to make a decision.

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