Joy Reid started foaming from the mouth in this rabid attack of Ron DeSantis and conservatives

Joy Reid

Leftist cable news going after conservatives is nothing new. But they’re taking their war to new heights.

Because Joy Reid started foaming from the mouth in this wild attack of Ron DeSantis on live TV.

On Tuesday’s episode of The ReidOut, MSNBC’s Joy Reid made some bleak and hilarious predictions about what the future holds if America elects “toy-sized Mussolini Ron DeSantis” in 2024.

According to Reid, if DeSantis is elected president, America will become “China, Cuba, North Korea, Afghanistan, or Iran.”

“And presidential candidate and toy-sized Mussolini Ron DeSantis unveils his authoritarian manifesto, vowing to destroy leftism and wokeism,” Reid said at the start of the show. “So, tell us how you’re going to do that, Ron.”

Reid would attempt to answer that question 45 minutes later, saying, “The logical implication of DeSantis’s statement about destroying wokeism is that if he’s elected president, the federal government would ignore your material and economic needs and instead micromanage every aspect of your life.”

Following his concern that DeSantis might “replace the boards of every one of the approximately 6,000 public universities in this country.”

Reid went on to say that “he’s going to need some de facto morality police to monitor what you read and ban books in America’s 90,000 odd public schools.”

Every state has curricular standards and makes judgments on what should and should not be placed in school libraries, but only when Florida does it, in the words of the image behind Reid, is it “totalitarianism.” Of course, the majority of the tales coming out of Florida are either bogus news or contain sexual content that Reid would be unable to present on MSNBC.

Reid said, “President DeSantis would ban artistic freedom of speech,” presumably referring to a ban on children attending sexually explicit drag acts, with no evidence to back that claim.

The legislation she’s presumably talking to, which Reid never quotes, prohibits children from participating in “adult live performances” that “depict or simulate nudity, sexual conduct, or sexual excitement.” That’s very normal.

Joy Reid criticized Ron DeSantis for his pro-life beliefs, but Communist countries embrace abortion.

Despite all of that, Reid still managed to say, “there is a model for what he wants to do. Just look at China, Cuba, North Korea, Afghanistan, or Iran, where the government restricts the media or forces religious doctrine on its citizens.”

If you don’t want your children to grow up in a hypersexualized environment, you evidently agree with the Taliban.

And what happened to the idea that conservatives are Islamophobic? Now conservatives apparently love the Muslim-controlled governments of Iran and Afghanistan?

Joy Reid then tried to share a definition from on the word “totalitarianism.”

Just in case you were wondering what that exact definition was, we’ve got you covered.

Merriam-Webster says that totalitarianism is “centralized control by an autocratic authority.”

It’s hard to see how a Ron DeSantis would take over control of the other two branches of government in America.

She’s simply fearmongering for her radical Leftist viewers who just want to hear that she is taking on those mean conservatives who dare try to outlaw the abortion of innocent babies.

Joy Reid should try living in North Korea or Iran and tell us how that would go for her. We’d wager to guess that she wouldn’t get very far with her radicalism in those countries; certainly not like she does here.

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