Judge goes on the attack against Donald Trump in a truly disturbing way


The former president’s legal troubles continue to mount. The Left is hoping it’ll crush him.

And a judge goes on the attack against Donald Trump in a truly disturbing way.

On March 26, Donald Trump was given a gag order in a hush-money case in New York.

New York Judge Juan Merchan handed down the order against Trump, but that didn’t stop the former president from lashing out.

On social media, Trump called out Merchan’s daughter and referred to her as a “Rabid Trump Hater.”

She is the president of a marketing firm which works with various Democrat politicians.

This isn’t the first time Trump has been the subject of a gag order through his many legal cases. In his civil fraud case in New York, Judge Arthur Engoron also handed one down against Trump.

And while there are consequences for former President Trump if he breaks the gag order, one former judge believes that they aren’t harsh enough.

“There has to be an immediate consequence when he defies a court order,” former California Superior Court Judge LaDoris Cordell said while appearing on CNN.

“When he steps across that gag order line, and I do hope it will be expanded, there should be only one response: bring your toothbrush, Donald Trump, because you’re going to sit in a jail cell for a while. That is a normal response. You cannot have a court system that is subjected to these kinds of threats and intimidation.”

“Nowhere else has this ever happened and gone without any consequences. And that has to change, and it has to change now,” Cordell continued.

Cordell also came forward and explained that she sees how people think a “double standard” has been given to Trump during these gag order rulings.

“But I think now it’s starting to sink into these judges that their lives, their family members, are all at stake here in terms of the threats of violence and intimidation. So there’s nothing left for them to do other than to go the next step,” Cordell added.

“And I don’t know what the mystique or magic is about not putting Donald Trump in a jail cell so that he understands there are immediate consequences for not behaving as a normal adult in the courtroom.”

Should Donald Trump be smarter with what he says about his court cases and those presiding over them? Absolutely.

But who can blame him for being frustrated with these cases that are basically witch hunts that have been brought against him by the radical Left?

And now they’re trying to claim that Trump deserves to sit in jail for gag order violations.

If it were really up to them, they would’ve locked Trump away in prison months ago and would’ve thrown away the key.

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