Justice Neil Gorsuch issues a blistering rebuke of Democrats in stunning statement

Neil Gorsuch

The Supreme Court has been under attack by the radical Left. But now they are striking back.

Because Justice Neil Gorsuch has issued a statement with a blistering rebuke of Democrats.

In recent months, Democrats have been waging a relentless war against the institution of the U.S. Supreme Court and its honorable Justices.

Justice Clarence Thomas has been harassed by the radical Leftist media that has become obsessed with his personal life.

They insist that he’s violated every ethical rule they can think of and demand that he be impeached and removed from the Court.

But even Clarence Thomas’s liberal colleagues on the bench have come to his defense, as the whole Court published a statement saying that Clarence Thomas is innocent of the horrible accusations the radical Left are lobbing at Thomas.

The other branches of government in the legislative branch and the executive branch seem to have grown way too fat with power in recent years.

Justice Neil Gorsuch has pointed this out in a recent statement in the wake of a lawsuit regarding the Title 42 rule that recently passed.

Gorsuch pointed to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 as a catalyst for the federal government to use fear to infringe on the rights of Americans.

“One lesson might be this: Fear and the desire for safety are powerful forces. They can lead to a clamor for action—almost any action—as long as someone does something to address a perceived threat,” Gorsuch wrote in an official statement.

Gorsuch rightly points that the Title 42 case is an example of the “disruption we have experienced over the last three years in how our laws are made and our freedoms observed.”

He went on to more directly go after the executive branch for obviously abusing their powers to get what they want politically.

Gorsuch laments that executive officials in both the federal government and on the state level “shuttered businesses,” “closed churches,” and more all while liquor stores and casinos were allowed to continue business with no interruption.

“The concentration of power in the hands of so few may be efficient and sometimes popular. But it does not tend toward sound government,” Gorsuch added.

Gorsuch is certainly right to point out that the COVID-19 pandemic was used as a tool for politicians and unelected officials to abuse their power and get what they want politically.

As a Barack Obama advisor once said: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

But let’s make no mistake about this. Democrats were overwhelmingly the party of authoritarianism during the height of the COVID-19 panic.

There was not a single Democrat governor willing to take a stand against the extremists who were demanding that every small business and church service shut down in the name of “public health,” all while little was known about the virus.

Democrats were ready to make Trump a pariah for daring to claim that the COVID-19 virus came out of China.

Everything Gorsuch said equally applies to Republicans in positions of power, no doubt.

But anyone with two eyes can see that it’s the modern Democrat party that has grown drunk in power over the past few years.

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