Kamala Harris had her world turned upside down from this stunning new report

kamala harris

Vice President Harris believes she and President Biden are poised to win reelection in 2024. But her confidence may come to a screeching halt.

That’s because Kamala Harris had her world turned upside down from this stunning new report.

Vice President Harris is arguably one of the worst politicians of all time.

And according to a CBS News/YouGov poll, Americans are starting to realize this.

The poll shows that 59 percent of all U.S. citizens disapprove of the Vice President, while 69 percent of independent voters disapprove.

“Her ratings are virtually identical to Biden’s, who received positive marks from 40 percent of respondents and negative remarks from 60 percent of participants, including 69 percent of independents,” Breitbart News said while referencing Kamala Harris.

Harris has also failed to impress people with her work as Vice President, as 37 percent of voters haven’t heard hardly anything about anything she’s accomplished.

18 percent of voters believe Kamala Harris has them viewing the Biden administration as better overall because of her.

42 percent think the administration actually looks worse because of the Vice President.

For Democrats, the duo of Biden and Harris is a nightmare ticket for 2024, and it shows in the polls.

According to the CBS News/YouGov poll, enthusiasm for Kamala Harris being President Biden’s running mate, has dropped compared to 2020.

30% of Democrat registered voters are enthusiastic with Harris running as the Vice President, which is a sharp decline compared to the 58% enthusiasm she received in 2020.

54% are dissatisfied with Harris compared to only 34% being dissatisfied in 2020.

By being the party of identity politics, Democrats feel as though Harris’ race and gender will help boost her popularity.

Unfortunately, according to the CBS News/YouGov poll, that’s not the case as 48 percent of Americans don’t think that “the first woman and person of color to serve as vice president” matters to them.

This latest poll has to take a hit out of Vice President Harris’ confidence after she was reported saying to CBS Mornings, “We will win re-election. There is too much at stake and the American people know it.”

But with her also recently saying she would be ready to “take over” for Joe Biden if he were not able to fulfill his duties as President, these poll results is the last thing Kamala Harris wants to see.

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