Kamala Harris is hiding in shame after this humiliating speech

kamala harris

Harris is one of the worst public speakers in political history. No one can ever predict what she’s going to say on stage.

And Kamala Harris is hiding in shame after this humiliating speech.

Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden are incredibly gaffe-riddled public speakers.

While some suspect cognitive decline is the reason for the 80-year-old president’s many blunders, Kamala Harris isn’t afforded the same excuse considering she’s two decades younger than Biden.

And whenever Harris formulates a so-called word salad when giving off-script responses to reporters and interviewers, Americans wonder how she was able to rise to the near top in U.S. politics.

That was evident again when the vice president made a speech last Thursday for Apprenticeship Week.

The attendees who are part of registered apprenticeship programs, had the unfortunate opportunity to witness the awkwardness that is a Kamala Harris speech.

“Well, the press is here. Ha ha ha! I got some words, though,” Harris exclaimed.

“I got the vocabulary, and my pronunciation is perfect! Ha ha ha ha.”

The annoying cackling that Harris is so notorious for, along with her puzzling statements that seem to make no sense, weren’t done there.

“It’s always important to look around the room and then ask who’s not in the room and then figure out how to bring them in…it’s not just because you might leave the door open,” Harris rambled.

“Be it where they are geographically, or where they are in terms of what they’re bringing in terms of life experience to the moment, to be able to connect with them and bring them in.”

Vice President Harris’ confusing speeches almost sound like a middle schooler who’s trying to reach a word count on their paper.

She often says words just to say them, even though they serve no actual purpose to the point she’s trying to make.

“The sad thing is our taxes are paying a speech writer to write that stuff for her,” former Republican Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee said of the VP.

“That’s what makes it sad.”

Back in August, Huckabee also said Harris has an inability to “put a sentence together.”

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