Kamala Harris makes a massive decision for Joe Biden he isn’t going to like

Vice President Kamala Harris is in huge trouble. She wasn’t supposed to do this.

And Kamala Harris has made a massive decision for Joe Biden that he isn’t going to like.

The 2024 election is looming large for Joe Biden and the Democrats right now.

Biden was supposed to launch his campaign now months ago, but has been delaying his official announcement for unknown reasons.

Some outlets with insider information have reported that Biden has been delaying his official announcement due to major sensitive political issues taking up his focus.

But many Americans have been suspicious of that excuse.

That’s because there’s been a ton of talk about Kamala Harris potentially being dropped from the Democrats’ 2024 ticket.

The reason for that is her downright awful approval and favorability ratings that have only been getting worse.

Americans are tired of watching her and the Biden administration do absolutely nothing about critical issues like the insecure southern border.

Even some within the Democrat circles have been saying she should be kicked to the curb to potentially save a Joe Biden 2024 ticket.

They say she is somehow holding Joe Biden back, even though the whole Biden administration has been facing horrible approval ratings, not just Kamala Harris.

But it appears Kamala Harris is unwilling to go anywhere anytime soon.

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Kamala Harris plans to go on the campaign trail for Joe Biden.

This would indicate that she will be the Vice President on a 2024 ticket with Biden.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Vice President Kamala Harris is preparing to campaign extensively when President Biden launches his much-anticipated re-election bid, despite concerns in the Democratic Party that her performance in office, criticized by some as uneven, has made her a liability.

The Wall Street Journal notes that Kamala Harris plans to “visit urban centers of swing states to persuade Black voters, young people and other liberal constituencies to re-elect Mr. Biden.”

The article notes that Harris has been facing criticism from those within Democrat circles, and extremely high-profile Democrats at that.

Elizabeth Warren made vague comments that seemed to imply that Harris was creating friction within the Biden administration, also implying that Harris could be a problem for the Biden team in 2024.

She later apologized for her comments and said that she was behind Harris, but the apology ultimately meant nothing because now everyone knew what Warren thought about Harris.

Harris is seemingly trying to get ahead of all these attacks on her job as the Vice President by preemptively going on the campaign trail for Joe Biden. This could be seen as a way to force the Democrats’ hand to let her run in 2024 with Biden.

With or without Harris, the Democrats are going to have a tough time in the 2024 election cycle as they face a conservative heavyweight like Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump.

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