Karine Jean-Pierre made one slip-up that cost her job

karine jean-pierre

Press Secretary Jean-Pierre has been one of the worst in modern history. Now it’s getting downright embarrassing.

And Karine Jean-Pierre made one slip-up that cost her job.

On Thursday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reiterated that President Biden is doing “everything” he can to stop the influx of migrants at the southern border, accusing Republicans of failing to do more.

“We have taken steps without the help of Republicans in Congress to do everything that we can to deal with this issue,” Jean-Pierre told reporters at the White House.

“And let’s not forget what the Republicans propose, their continuing resolution, led [to] 800 [Customs and Border Protection] agents and officers being fired.”

Jean-Pierre then chastised the GOP for blocking a procedural vote on a defense spending bill.

“That is what they proposed just a day ago, and that’s what that would do to the border. It would hurt and harm and not deal with the issue,” she said.

“So they’re doing the opposite of what the president is trying to do, which is actually move forward in a way that is humane, safe, and has an orderly enforcement pathway process here.”

However, House Republicans who favor the interim continuing resolution to keep the government open through Oct. 31 believe it will actually increase border security by funding continued construction of a border wall and permitting the hire of 22,000 additional CBP agents.

When asked about a stunning allegation that 10,000 migrants crossed the southern border on Wednesday alone, Jean-Pierre declined to respond, instead blaming Republicans in Congress before moving on.

“So, what do you call it here at the White House when 10,000 people illegally cross the border in a single day?” Peter Doocy of Fox News asked the White House spokesman.

“So what do you call it, Peter, when [the] GOP puts forth a … wait, no, no, no, no, no, you can’t,” Jean-Pierre said, talking over Doocy as he attempted to redirect Jean-Pierre back to his question.

“You’re answering my question with a question,” Doocy noted.

“OK, we’re going to move on,” Jean-Pierre said, shutting the reporter down.

Conservatives were outraged by the White House’s reaction to border security questions, accusing the president and Jean-Pierre of ignoring the matter and refusing to accept accountability.

“This is the Biden White House playbook: Refuse to take accountability for the problems YOU created and when someone challenges you, ignore them. Clown show. The border will only get worse under this administration,” Colin Rugg, a conservative commentator, said in a tweet.

“Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care. Karine Jean-Pierre appears unconcerned. And I know [Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas] doesn’t care because we’ve asked him tons of questions, asked for information and data that he refuses to get to us,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said in an interview with Fox News after Jean-Pierre’s briefing.

“So this is the state of this administration. And it’s frankly why I think the approval ratings of Joe Biden are so darn low, because they see what a pathetic job this administration has done.”

Jordan added that the effects of the border crisis are being seen in “every town, every city, every community” because “the volume, the number” of migrants entering the US “is so darn high.”

“Finally! KJP is correct!” In a satirical tweet, Republican former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee stated. “Biden has taken historic action. He screwed up the entire immigration process by ignoring the law & common sense & single-handedly made a complete mess of our borders. Don’t forget the ‘border czar’ Kamala Harris and her ‘historic’ action.”

The Biden administration stated Wednesday that up to 800 additional US military personnel will be deployed to the southern border, but they will not interact directly with the new arrivals.

The active-duty employees will concentrate on “logistics and other border functions to allow more Customs and Border Protection agents and officers to return to their core mission and responsibilities,” according to the Department of Homeland Security.

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