Karine Jean-Pierre was sent into a panic after being asked this one question

karine jean-pierre

Jen Psaki was considered to be one of the worst White House press secretaries of all time. That is until Jean-Pierre took over.

And Karine Jean-Pierre was sent into a panic after being asked this one question.

At the age of 80, Joe Biden is the oldest president to ever serve.

And the American people are wondering if he’s physically and mentally able to continue his duties as Commander in Chief.

Fox News reports, “The Aug. 10-14 Associated Press-NORC poll found that 77% of Americans say Biden is too old for a second term. While an unsurprising 89% of Republicans expressed the sentiment, 69% of Democrats also say Biden is no longer up to the task, according to the poll.”

In a recent press brief, Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the poll and if the White House will prove that the President is able to adequately do his job despite his age.

“What I would say and I’ve said this many times and many of my colleagues have said this, the president says this. If you watch him, if you’ve seen what he’s done in the last two years, this is a president who has had a historic administration in just two years” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

“In many ways, this president has been able to do things that is going to change how American families move forward, whether it is with the economy, whether it’s healthcare, whether it is trying to make sure that you’re able to do for their family, for their kids – that is important.”

The problem with Jean-Pierre’s statement, is that the President has not been able to successfully accomplish these things.

With sky high inflation, the economy is in a terrible spot.

The Inflation Reduction Act, which Biden touts as one his great accomplishments, has done nothing to reduce inflation, but has instead sent billions of dollars to environmental causes.

That’s not to mention the fact that the President can barely make a public appearance without literally falling on his face.

He also can’t avoid looking utterly clueless during speeches and press conferences.

A recent clip of Joe Biden at Camp David shows him looking confused as usual during a joint speech with foreign leaders.

This wasn’t the first time Karine Jean-Pierre has had to defend Biden’s presidential abilities as an octogenarian.

Just last month she said, “This is a president who has done historic amount of policies, of changes in this administration that has mattered to the American people. And so that’s what the president’s going to continue to focus on.”

Jean-Pierre can try and defend him all she wants, but President Biden’s actions will continue to prove her wrong.

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