Kevin McCarthy unleashes on this GOP candidate in a shocking turn of events

Kevin McCarthy

Politics can be a dirty business. The House Speaker just proved that.

That’s because Kevin McCarthy unleashed on this GOP candidate in a shocking turn of events.

As the Republican primary rages on, Republicans across Washington, D.C. are deciding which candidate to endorse.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) hasn’t yet made an endorsement, but it might be easy to see who he won’t endorse.

McCarthy didn’t mince words in his latest comments about Republican presidential candidate and current Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

“I served with Ron DeSantis [in Congress]. He’s not at the same level as President Trump by any shape or form. He would not have gotten elected [governor] without President Trump’s endorsement,” McCarthy said in an interview on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo.

Donald Trump has also sung the same tune as McCarthy when it comes to DeSantis.

Trump feels as though the endorsement he gave Governor DeSantis during Florida’s 2018 gubernatorial primary has been completely forgotten about.

He even feels as though DeSantis has been ungrateful for his support.

As for McCarthy, despite giving an official endorsement, he believes Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee.

“I think he will be the nominee. The thing is, President Trump is stronger today than he was in 2016 or 2020, and there’s a reason why,” McCarthy said.

“They saw the policies of what he was able to do with America – putting America first, making our economy stronger.”

For someone who isn’t offering an endorsement yet, McCarthy sure is singing Trump’s praises.

But the reason McCarthy might be favoring Trump and attacking DeSantis, is because of circumstances that have occurred behind closed doors.

“McCarthy’s swipe at DeSantis followed reports that the Florida governor has privately backed House Republican holdouts in the conference’s internal squabble over government funding ahead of a Sept. 30 deadline to avert a partial shutdown,” the New York Post reported.

The House Speaker’s bitterness towards Ron DeSantis has likely stemmed from their disagreements about the impending government shutdown, as mentioned above.

Kevin McCarthy believed that shutting down the government would hurt Republicans and “would only give strength to the Democrats.”

DeSantis believes that Republicans should hold out for things that they promised their constituents when they were elected.

The feud between McCarthy and DeSantis likely won’t end anytime soon so long as both individuals hold their ground on the issue of government spending.

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