Kevin McCarthy was issued a dire warning from this Republican

kevin mccarthy

McCarthy has to tread lightly these days. That’s because his own party is breathing down his neck to get what they want.

And Kevin McCarthy was issued a dire warning from this Republican.

Impeachment efforts against President Joe Biden are starting to gain more steam.

But some Republicans think more can be done.

House Speaker McCarthy (R-CA) has talked about launching an impeachment inquiry into Biden and his alleged illegal business transactions in foreign countries.

While Vice President, Joe Biden got involved in Hunter’s foreign business deals despite claiming that never happened.

He even used a fake name to communicate with his son’s associates.

But U.S. Congressman, Matt Gaetz (R-FL) believes that McCarthy could do more than just an inquiry.

“I worked very hard in January to develop a toolkit for House Republicans to use in a productive and positive way. I don’t believe we’ve used those tools as effectively as we should have,” Rep. Gaetz said.

“We’ve got to seize the initiative. That means forcing votes on impeachment. And if stand Speaker McCarthy in our way, he may not have the job long.”

Gaetz is insistent upon holding Biden accountable for his alleged crimes. He wont let McCarthy stop an impeachment vote from happening without a fight.

But the House Speaker isn’t just dealing with pressure from Matt Gaetz.

Republicans who lean more towards the middle of the aisle, are not only against a vote for impeachment, but an inquiry as well.

Congressman Don Bacon (R-NE), believes that there’s a lack of “concrete evidence” to go after the President.

Others in Congress feel the opposite, and are fully on the side of Gaetz and have made similar moves to bring forth an impeachment vote.

According to the Washington Post, “Gaetz would not be the first member of Congress to force a vote on impeaching Biden. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) forced the House to vote on her articles of impeachment in June.”

“Boebert’s impeachment articles focused on the president’s handling of the United States’ border crisis, but the party moved to refer her articles of impeachment to committees.”

Kevin McCarthy is being yanked back and forth by Republicans.

And if he doesn’t make the right move, his future as Speaker of the House, could be in jeopardy.

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