Leading Democrat’s scary diagnosis has left Washington, D.C. devastated

Rep. John Garamendi

Health crisis can hit at any time. And they’re never an easy thing to swallow.

As this leading Democrat’s scary diagnosis has left Washington, D.C. devastated.

Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA) recently revealed his diagnosis with cancer, expressing his “love and solidarity” to all individuals “managing cancer.”

In a heartfelt video shared on X, Garamendi disclosed that he has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of cancer that affects plasma cells, which are a kind of white blood cell.

According to the Mayo Clinic, multiple myeloma is a serious condition. Garamendi credited his wife, Patty, for her vigilance as a leader in the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Organization, stating, “As a leader in the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Organization, Patty makes sure that I’m on the watch for that strange mole and that I take my routine blood tests.”

Garamendi shared the moment he was informed about his condition. He detailed how he “recently received the dreaded call from my doctor informing me that I had cancer.”

“Thus began my journey with multiple myeloma,” Garamendi said. Subsequent tests confirmed an early stage of the blood cancer, and Garamendi began his journey toward remission with a treatment plan involving chemoimmunotherapy at Kaiser Oncology in Sacramento.

Chemoimmunotherapy, as described by the National Library of Medicine, is an “emerging treatment option for cancer that combines traditional chemotherapy with immunotherapy.”

This approach aims to enhance the effectiveness of cancer treatment by both directly targeting cancer cells and boosting the immune system’s capacity to combat the disease.

Although promising results have been observed in treating various cancers, including melanoma and lung cancer, further research is needed to determine the optimal use of these treatments.

Garamendi expressed gratitude for the advancements in cancer research, acknowledging President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot initiative and California’s historical efforts in stem cell research and funding cancer research through cigarette taxes.

The Cancer Moonshot is an ambitious initiative aimed at accelerating cancer research, fostering collaboration, and driving progress in cancer treatment.

Despite his diagnosis, Garamendi remains committed to his work.

“I will continue to work as I take the treatments. However, I’ve been cautioned by my doctors to reduce unnecessary exposure, to avoid COVID-19, the flu, and other viruses. In addition to destroying cancer cells, chemotherapy impairs natural antibodies and undermines the body’s immune system,” he explained.

In his closing remarks, Garamendi extended his heartfelt wishes to others battling health challenges.

“My love and solidarity go out to all other families managing cancer and all other health conditions, and to the doctors and nurses and medical personnel who provide us with comfort and hope,” he concluded.

As Rep. Garamendi continues his battle, hopefully, he is able to overcome this devastating diagnosis.

No matter what side of the political aisle you’re on, it’s common decency to wish him the best during this trying time.

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