Leaked audio could mark the end of Joe Biden’s career

Joe Biden

The president’s first term has been a disaster. It doesn’t look like it’ll make a turn for the better either.

And leaked audio could mark the end of Joe Biden’s career.

While interviewing with special counsel Robert Hur on the topic of his mishandling of classified documents, President Joe Biden came across as an “elderly man with a poor memory,” according to Hur’s report after the interview.

That has led Republicans in the U.S. House asking for the audio and transcript of the interview to be released by the Justice Department.

According to reports from the Hill, the White House hasn’t made any decisions to release the transcript.

But the White House counsel has deemed that the report’s comments on Biden’s memory was “gratuitous” and “politically motivated.”

A former White House aide told the Hill that if the transcript is indeed released, then it could “provide a powerful tool to refute the narrative about his age and prove Hur was playing politics with the report.”

Another Democrat source told the publication that “Given the fact that the age issue is not going away and it’s already out there, the risk of another news cycle is pretty low unless there is something pretty damaging in that transcript.”

“It feels to me that it’s probably better to get [it] out there because the sense I’m getting is Hur really stepped over the line, based on this, and you may want to use the transcript to rebut that pretty hard.”

The White House views things a little differently. They don’t believe releasing the transcript and audio is a simple decision.

“It is not a no, and it is not a yes. It is: We are looking at this,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday to reporters.

“There’s processes, there’s protocols, and they’re looking through that.”

Even though President Biden has the power to declassify the transcript immediately, anonymous national security professionals who spoke with the Hill said it would take over two weeks to fully declassify it.

“In a world where ‘I don’t recall’ is twisted into a political weapon, releasing the transcript only feeds the frenzy,” Michael Starr Hopkins, a Democrat strategist, said.

While some Leftists seem to have mixed feelings about the audio being released, that doesn’t change the fact that Biden is being viewed in a negative light regarding his mental fitness among Democrats.

A Harvard/Harris poll that came out in December shows that a third of Democrats are doubtful that Joe Biden is able to exhibit excellent mental acuity.

And in all honesty, if the audio of Biden’s interview with Hur is made public, it won’t be anything new for Americans.

They already know just how much the president suffers from cognitive decline.

A Yahoo News/YouGov survey that was released in May of last year, shows that 82% of Americans are concerned with Biden’s physical and mental well-being.

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