Leftist congress member exposed with ties to the Chinese Communist Party

Rep. Don Davis

The modern Democrat Party rarely prioritizes the interests of the United States. America First isn’t a principle that they adhere to.

And this Leftist congress member was exposed with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

The Republicans currently have a very small majority in the U.S. House.

However, they are hoping to expand that majority in the November elections this year.

And they may be able to pick up one crucial seat in North Carolina after what was revealed about this Leftist U.S. Representative.

Rep. Don Davis Faces Tough Re-Election Battle Amid Controversy Over CCP Ties

North Carolina Democrat Rep. Don Davis is gearing up for the political fight of his career. This November, he faces retired colonel Republican Laurie Buckhout in a race that’s currently rated as a toss-up.

As the spotlight intensifies on this heated contest, reports have emerged concerning the first-term congressman’s extensive connections to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Davis’ engagements with the CCP, dating back to his tenure in the state Senate, have become a focal point in local media discussions.

In 2013, Davis embarked on a nine-day, all-expenses-paid trip to China, financed by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, an organization tied to the CCP.

This group actively recruits foreigners who are sympathetic to China, engaging them in “people-to-people diplomacy” and forming “alliances of convenience with other political parties, social groups, and individuals” to “strengthen the overall position of the Leninist Party and sow division among its enemies,” as detailed by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, a nonpartisan DC think tank.

But that wasn’t Davis’ only interaction with Chinese officials. In 2014, he addressed exchange students from Wuhan University about the government’s role in healthcare.

Reflecting on the event, Davis stated, “It was great to have an opportunity to participate in that exchange. It’s always good hearing from a different perspective.”

China’s influence reaches far beyond just congressional ties. North Carolina boasts one of the largest concentrations of Chinese-owned farmland in the United States.

While numerous states have prohibited the sale of farmland to individuals or entities connected to adversarial nations, North Carolina has not enacted such a ban.

In Davis’ own district, Chinese entities own 6,500 acres of farmland, yet the vice-ranking member of the House Agriculture Committee has remained notably silent on this matter.

Meanwhile, other lawmakers have been vocal about the risks associated with Chinese purchases of American land, particularly near military bases.

In North Carolina, foreign-owned farmland is situated alarmingly close to the Coast Guard base in Elizabeth City and Norfolk Naval Base in nearby Virginia.

Former Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wisc.), who chaired the House Select Committee on the CCP before his retirement this year, sounded the alarm in April. He predicted, “From Chinese Communist Party-affiliated purchases of agricultural land to efforts by the party to influence state and local politics, states are on the front lines of our New Cold War with the Chinese Communist Party.”

As Davis and Buckhout head into the final stretch of their campaign, these revelations about Davis’ ties to the CCP are set to be a pivotal issue in the race.

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