Leftist governors in utter disbelief after what President Biden confessed to them

Hawaii Governor Josh Green

Democrats are starting to turn their backs on Biden. They’re doubting whether he’s capable of performing the duties of commander-in-chief.

And Leftist governors are in utter disbelief after what President Biden confessed to them.

In a candid moment at the White House, President Biden revealed to nearly two dozen Democratic governors that he needs more sleep and should limit his working hours, even suggesting he avoid events scheduled after 8 p.m.

This acknowledgment comes amidst reports suggesting that Biden can only fully handle the rigors of his role between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The New York Times, citing participants of the high-stakes meeting and others briefed on the exchange, reported the 81-year-old’s comments.

During the same gathering, Biden humorously responded to a question about his health from Hawaii Governor Josh Green, stating that his health was fine but the issue was “just my brain.” This joke, however, went unrecognized by at least one state leader present.

“President [George W.] Bush went to bed at 9, and President [Barack] Obama made dinner at 6:30,” Biden-Harris campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz explained to the Times.

“Normal presidents strike a balance, and so does Joe Biden. Hardly the same rigor as Donald Trump who spends half of his day ranting on Truth Social about plans that would cause a recession and the other half golfing.”

Yet, while Bush was 62 when he left office in January 2009, and Obama was 55 at the end of his tenure, Biden, already the oldest president in American history, would be 86 if he completes a second term.

A New York magazine report published Thursday highlighted concerns about Biden’s cognitive state. Longtime friends of the first family revealed that the president often forgot their names, with First Lady Jill Biden reportedly feeding him a greeting for a Democratic mega-donor at a White House reception. A witness to the exchange remarked, “It hasn’t been good for a long time but it’s gotten so, so much worse. So much worse!”

Olivia Nuzzi, the report’s author, added that Biden has become increasingly difficult to reach, often “cocooned within mounting layers of bureaucracy,” and more often spoken for than speaking himself.

These revelations come as Biden insists on running for a second term despite a lackluster debate performance against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in Atlanta on June 27.

During the governors’ meeting, Biden reportedly opened by declaring his intent to continue his campaign, which pre-empted serious discussion about the race’s status, according to some anonymous attendees.

Earlier this week, Biden attributed his debate struggles to extensive foreign travel ahead of the event, though he had been in the Eastern Time Zone for ten days prior, including a week of preparation at Camp David.

Initially, the White House had cited a “cold” as the cause of Biden’s on-stage difficulties, though this did not prevent him from visiting a Waffle House and greeting patrons post-debate.

Axios, citing White House aides, reported that Biden is prone to absent-minded gaffes and fatigue during events held before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. That same weekend, the Biden campaign hosted a fundraiser at New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s home, intended to reassure wealthy supporters about Biden’s reelection efforts. According to Nuzzi, Biden’s remarks lasted exactly ten minutes, long enough to inspire confidence without risking further questions about his capabilities.

“The worry is not that Biden will say something overly candid,” Nuzzi wrote, “or say something he didn’t mean to say, but that he will communicate through his appearance that he is not really there.”

The Biden reelection campaign is in a free fall right now.

Unless Joe Biden can magically prove that he’s somehow mentally and physically fit to be president, then there’s little to no chance he’ll convince voters that he’s the right man to serve another term as commander-in-chief.

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