Leftist media host delivers a stunning confession about Donald Trump that’s left Democrats enraged

Katie Couric

The mainstream media has always been an enemy of Trump’s. Every chance they get they’re always looking for ways to destroy him.

And this Leftist media host delivers a stunning confession about Donald Trump that’s left Democrats enraged.

Former President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign this year has experienced quite a bit of turbulence due to the legal woes he’s enduring.

Over the past month, Trump has been unable to campaign as much because he’s been stuck in court for his hush money trial in New York City.

At the time of this article being written, the jury hasn’t handed down their decision yet, but that could come any day now.

But despite the fact that the former president has a chance at being convicted in this case, he’s still leading President Joe Biden in several national polls.

And one Leftist who was a former news anchor has admitted that Trump is “gaining momentum” despite his court battles.

Katie Couric, who once was a co-host of “The Today Show” and an anchor for “CBS Evening News,” has, to her own disbelief, acknowledged how Donald Trump is rising in popularity amidst his legal troubles.

“It seems that Donald Trump has the edge right now, despite all of his legal woes and the fact that, y’know he’s on trial and Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen,” Couric said about the 2024 presidential election while appearing on Fox 11’s “The Issue Is.”

“He seems to be, surprisingly, gaining momentum, not losing it.”

Elex Michaelson, the host of the Fox 11 program, replied to Couric, saying, “Well, I think that the debates coming in June is an acknowledgment that Joe Biden and his campaign know that they’re losing, that there’s this feeling that they need to shake up the race – and they need to do it now that they’re aware that this narrative exists, that Joe Biden is old and weak and our of control.”

“If you put him on the stage next to Trump, he has the opportunity to disprove that. But that’s also a risk, because he has the opportunity to prove that, too.”

Couric also brought up how Joe Biden’s campaign has been “very selective” regarding who can interview Biden.

She said that the more selective interviews that the president has had thus far “aren’t necessarily a forum for really challenging questions about policy and his vision for the future, and I think he really – it would behoove him to get out there more, to talk more because I think the less you talk, the higher the stakes are when you do.”

Joe Biden has notoriously been one to stay away from more challenging interviews.

He’s also done far less news conferences compared to his predecessors, highlighting what is perceived as a lack of confidence from White House staff for him to properly defend his policies and actions.

Couric notes this same perception, saying that the small amount of interviews Biden has participated in “Only reinforces this notion that he is not up to the job.”

But can anyone be blamed for thinking this way? When is the last time President Joe Biden got up in front of the media or a crowd and didn’t fumble his words?

He’s constantly humiliating himself by committing ridiculous gaffes that prove that he can’t handle the duty of being commander-in-chief.

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