Leftist media host waves the white flag for Democrats in 2024

bill maher

The Left is in trouble. They may be on their way to a brutal defeat next year.

And a Leftist media host waves the white flag for Democrats in 2024.

Bill Maher, a comedian and host of HBO’s Real Time, has been critical of Democrats and their strategy with President Joe Biden.

While Maher is a Democrat, he’s not at all confident that Biden will win reelection next year.

In fact, Maher thinks that the president is too old to win a second term.

He made these comments to former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Donna Brazile during a recent episode of Real Time.

Maher also brought up David Axelrod, a former Barack Obama strategist, and his comments about how President Biden should consider dropping out so Donald Trump doesn’t win the presidency.

“What do you think of prominent Democrats like David Axelrod calling for Biden to, quote, ‘get out or get going’?” Maher asked Brazile.

“Look, people think that Joe Biden is perhaps too old. They’re right. Don’t spill the water or something might come out of it,” Brazile responded.

“You know, everyone ages differently. You know, so, Betty White lived to be 99. Mick Jagger is still twisting his a**.”

Maher believes that Joe Biden is more than capable of performing the job of commander-in-chief, but he’s concerned that the American people don’t think he is.

“And I’ve said it before. Do I think Joe Biden can do the job? Absolutely. I don’t think he can win the job. And that’s what I care about,” Maher explained.

“He’s going to lose. Because the people think he’s too old. And perception is reality. I’m sorry.”

Joe Biden turned 81 on Monday.

If he were to win a second term, he would be 86 by the time he leaves office in January of 2029.

And Bill Maher believes that’s exactly why voters are going to be hesitant to pull the lever for Biden come November, 2024.

To Brazile’s point, there are plenty of aging actors and superstars who seem to be ageless.

President Biden however is not like those individuals, as he’s been known to trip up the stairs when appearing on stage, as well as seeming confused and going off on odd gaffe-riddled tangents when speaking to a crowd.

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