Leftist media outlet calls out Biden for telling this destructive lie

joe biden

The president seems to be a professional fibber. Even one of his top allies in the news has noticed this.

And a Leftist media outlet calls out Biden for telling this destructive lie.

Back in 2021, President Joe Biden took a tour of a Mack Trucks facility.

During the tour, he said that “I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man.”

At another event in 2021, he spoke to college students who were learning about truck technology. Biden told them that “I used to drive a tractor-trailer.”

He added that “I only did it for part of a summer, but I got my license anyway.”

According to Snopes, President Biden did not drive an 18-wheeler. He rode as a passenger in a “47,000 pound cargo truck,” in 1973, but he did not operate it like he claims.

So despite his trucker story being a lie, Biden told it again this past Tuesday while at an event in Florida for his campaign.

“Besides, I used to drive an 18-wheeler. You know what I did?” the president said to the audience.

Biden repeating the lie about driving an 18-wheeler led to CNN calling him out on it.

“Biden’s claim remains untrue. There is no evidence he ever drove an 18-wheeler,” CNN said in a report on Wednesday.

“When CNN inquired about the claim in 2021, the White House noted that Biden once had a part-time job driving a school bus (which is not an 18-wheeler or a tractor-trailer) and that, as a US senator in 1973, he spent a night riding in a cargo truck (not driving it).”

It’s obvious that President Biden has a problem with lying if even a leftist media outlet like CNN is calling him out for it.

They also bashed Biden for claiming that he “never” made $400,000 in a year last week.

“He said last week that he has ‘never’ earned $400,000 in a year, though he has done so every year of his presidency and made millions in each of 2017 and 2018,” the outlet said.

CNN then went after the president for his now-viral lie about how his uncle was eaten by cannibals after his plane crashed during World War II.

“He also offered a dramatic account of the death of his uncle in a World War II plane crash – saying the plane was shot down and suggesting his uncle’s body was consumed by cannibals – that is at odds with the Defense Department’s account of the 1944 incident.”

Either Joe Biden enjoys lying or he’s simply confused about certain facts that occurred during his life.

He is 81 years old after all and seems to be struggling with his mental fitness, so him getting confused is certainly plausible.

But Biden has also been a politician practically his whole life, so lying is second nature to him.

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