Stunning lie from the White House is a total insult to every American

joe biden

Joe Biden and his goons truly believe we’re idiots. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

And a stunning lie from the White House is a total insult to every American.

President Joe Biden tweeted a social media post on Monday highlighting his recent visit to East Palestine, Ohio, claiming that his administration has been there “since day one.”

The president’s allegation drew criticism after his first visit last week, exactly one year after the hazardous chemical train tragedy.

“To the folks in East Palestine, Ohio: Our Administration has been here since day one, and we’re not going home until the job is done,” Biden said in a post.

Biden speaks with East Palestine locals in a video.

“We look out for one another. We leave no one behind, and we come back stronger than we did before. That’s what we’re doing here; that’s what’s happening right here in this community,” his voice is heard saying.

The president was harshly chastised for failing to visit the site of the deadly train crash on February 3, 2023, which discharged millions of gallons of poisonous chemicals into the rural Ohio community. It took 378 days until the president paid his first visit last week.

“LMAO – Day one = a year later,” a social media user said in response to Biden’s video.

“You abandoned East Palestine because they didn’t benefit your political agenda,” another person responded to his post.

Another person reacted to the post, “‘Our Administration has been here since day one…’ Spoken like a true dementia patient.”

“Over a year to finally make it to East Palestine, Ohio for a photo op. Folks! It’s an election year. Nothing to see here,” a woman said on social media.

Other Biden administration officials paid visits to the scene of the disastrous train crash last year, but were chastised for their tardy response to the incident.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg paid a visit to the town three weeks after the tragedy in February 2023, but he had not publicly addressed it for about ten days.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) chastised the president for not visiting East Palestine sooner.

“President Trump: Visited East Palestine right after the train derailment and bought food for the community,” the Ohio congressman criticized the president on social media last week.

“President Biden: Visited Ukraine after the train derailment and visited East Palestine a year later.”

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