Major Democrat gets roasted on live TV for an incredibly brainless take

Katie Porter (D-CA)

Democrat politicians are always trying to out virtue signal each other. This time it backfired big time.

Because a major Democrat got utterly roasted on live TV for this incredibly brainless take.

Any politician affiliated with the Democrat party today is deathly afraid of contradicting the extreme Leftist base.

The major issue that has been dominating national attention in recent months is the transgenderism debate.

The radical Left insists that “trans women are women” and says that anything less than full agreement with that idea is bigoted and hateful to “trans” people.

So, naturally, Democrat politicians in Washington, D.C. will simply not say anything that indicates that they don’t fully support the LGBTQIA+ far Left ideas.

This was exhibited perfectly when a U.S. House of Representatives Democrat, Katie Porter (D-CA), went on Bill Maher’s show Real Time and got flat-out embarrassed.

In discussing the Riley Gaines issue – the young woman who was attacked by transgender activists because she’s spoken up about the unfair advantage a transgender individual had in her swimming league – Democrat Katie Porter said that Gaines was just trying to get “clicks” and “likes” online.

Piers Morgan appeared on the Maher episode with Porter and asked Porter what Gaines has done that’s wrong.

“But what has she [Gaines] said that is actually wrong?” Morgan asked Porter.

“I think that what she has done is tried to turn this – we talked about people becoming, using things to kind of get likes and get clicks,” Porter responded.

But Piers Morgan was not having any of that garbage answer and pointed out that Gaines is simply trying to defend women and the integrity of their sports.

Morgan noted that the transgender that Gaines competed against – Lia Thomas – once won a race against other women by a fifty-second lead.

“That’s not what she’s doing,” Morgan quickly responded.

“All I’ve seen her do is stand up for women’s rights, fairness, and equality. She actually competed against Lia Thomas, and it was obviously unfair. Lia Thomas won one of the races in the NCAA championships by 50 seconds against a bunch of biological females who simply couldn’t keep up. That cannot be right.”

Watch the full clip below:

Even Bill Maher chimed in on the debate noting how the “wokeness” of the radical Left today is getting in the way of the classical liberalism that most Americans once championed years ago.

One thing is for certain: Democrat Katie Porter won’t be going on Bill Maher’s show again anytime soon for fear of being obliterated again.

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