Massive shakeup in Congress has the GOP in a state of chaos

mike johnson

Republicans are holding onto a razor-thin majority in the U.S. House. They can’t afford for anything unexpected to happen.

And a massive shakeup in Congress has the GOP in a state of chaos.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has been considered a disappointment for some Republicans in the U.S. House.

They haven’t been thrilled with how he’s catered to the Democrats on a variety of bills. Some Congressional Republicans are especially angry with Johnson for helping to approve more aid to Ukraine.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) is one of these disgruntled Republicans and has made threats to vote to vacate Johnson.

But now it seems as though Greene is calling off those threats for the time being.

“We’ve had discussions in the speakers’ office and right now the ball is in Mike Johnson’s court,” Greene said to reporters on Tuesday while standing with Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY).

Both Massie and Greene met with Johnson for almost two hours on Tuesday after meeting with him for the same amount of time on Monday.

During the meeting, they gave the speaker a list of demands that they want him to follow. Of those demands was a pledge to not pass any further aid to Ukraine. They further requested that Johnson work to defund the investigation into Donald Trump by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Greene and Massie also want Johnson to seek support from the majority of House Republicans before bringing a bill to the floor.

“He understands that he’s got to be our Republican Speaker of the House. The things that we’ve discussed about, that got leaked out to the press, are very simple and they serve the American people. They serve the people that gave us the majority,” said Rep. Greene.

She also told reporters that Johnson only has a short amount of time to meet her and Massie’s demands. But she did state that it’s “unrealistic” for results to happen immediately.

“We didn’t give a specific timeline, but it’s pretty short,” Greene said.

Massie added that if Johnson delays in meeting their demands then he will bring up a vote on the motion to vacate the speaker from his position.

“If his plan is to drag this out until the pressure comes off of this, and to drag it out for weeks or days without making some movement in our direction, then he would just be far better off to have this vote and get it behind him. It doesn’t serve him or us to drag this out,” Massive stated.

“But if it does become obvious that he’s just trying to drag this out, we’ll do him a favor. We’ll do you a favor. We’ll do the GOP a favor, and we’ll call this motion.”

Republican voters are sick and tired of their GOP leaders caving to the Left and assisting them in passing bills that do nothing but harm U.S. citizens.

Thankfully Reps. Greene and Massie are putting proper pressure on House Speaker Mike Johnson to do the right thing and stand with Republicans as opposed to kowtowing to the Democrats.

Hopefully, this pressure makes Johnson change his tune and become less of a squishy politician and more of a strong conservative.

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