Mayhem ensues after police announce their intentions to arrest this top Democrat

State Rep. Kevin Boyle

No one is above the law, even if you’re a politician. This Leftist is about to learn that the hard way.

And mayhem ensues after police announce their intentions to arrest this top Democrat.

Earlier in the week, the Philadelphia Police Department issued a warrant for the arrest of Pennsylvania State Rep. Kevin Boyle (D).

Boyle allegedly violated a restraining order that led to the warrant.

The police told Breitbart News that an “arrest warrant has been issued for a violation of a Protection From Abuse order.”

Law enforcement couldn’t “discuss” any particulars of the warrant or the violated restraining order.

Back in 2021, Boyle was also arrested for violating a protection order of abuse which his wife filed against him.

He was charged for harassment for the incident.

In February of this year, Boyle was seen on video in a bar in Philadelphia where he was yelling at employees during what appeared to be a drunken tirade.

He also told the employees that he would try and shut down the bar by using his power as a politician.


When the warrant for Boyle’s arrest was issued, Aizaz Gill, a Republican who’s running against Boyle, posted on X and mentioned how it was a “sad day for our community.”

“It’s a sad day for our community. As our current State Representative continues to deal with his personal issues – as he should – we are missing the voice, help, and representation we deserve,” Gill’s X post read.

Rep. Boyle has been in the State House since 2011.

He represents a section of Northeast Philadelphia, but after this warrant has been issued, its uncertain if he’ll represent the area again.

Boyle has a history with finding himself in controversy over the years.

It’s a wonder how he’s even still in office at this point.

But the voters in his district have the potential to change that this November.

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