Merrick Garland’s been accused of a MASSIVE crime

Head of the DOJ, Merrick Garland, has long been a controversial figure. His politics has always seemed scummy.

And now Merrick Garland’s been accused of a massive crime that you need to read about.

Merrick Garland’s decisions are driven solely by political considerations.

The unfortunate reality is that Joe Biden’s Department of Justice, under the leadership of Merrick Garland, has no interest in upholding the law equitably or fairly.

These political hacks at the DOJ are only interested in how to utilize their position and influence to further the radical Left’s agenda and hasten the establishment of the socialist “utopia” they desire.

Congressman James Comer (R-KY) recently brought up this instance of political favoritism on CNN’s State of the Union.

Comer, who was just chosen chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has said categorically that he will begin an investigation into the DOJ’s politicization and weaponization.

The Department of Justice handled the Trump classified document case quite differently than they are currently handling the Joe Biden classified document issue, as Congressman Comer examined.

According to Comer, “My concern is that special counsel was called for, but yet hours after that we still had the President’s personal attorneys who have no security clearance still rummaging around the President’s residence looking for things. That would essentially be a crime scene, so to speak, after the appointment of a special counsel.”

He continued on saying, “We have a lot of questions for the Department of Justice, and hopefully, we’ll be getting answers very soon. We just want equal treatment here with respect to how both former President Trump and current President Biden are being treated with the document issue.”

Rep. Comer and other Republicans have every right to be incensed by the Department of Justice’s blatant and evident double standard.

The fundamental principle of equal treatment under the law serves as the foundation for the whole American justice system, making the Department of Justice’s continued use of a double standard an embarrassment to the country.

The American people have a right to know why and to what extent the Department of Justice employs a double standard.

The Department of Justice investigation must be given top priority by House Republicans.

It nearly goes without saying that the Department of Justice was extremely dishonest and driven by politics long before Joe Biden became president.

In the run-up to the 2020 elections, they collaborated with Twitter to silence conservative and pro-Trump views by persistently attacking the president while he was in office.

Despite the substantial evidence against Hunter Biden from his infamous laptop, they continue to hide and obstruct any criminal investigations involving him.

Simply put, the DOJ works exclusively to further the interests of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Republicans must now use their newly won majority in the House of Representatives to start genuinely serious inquiries that have some real bite.

The American people have a right to know how the radical left and their extremist special interests managed to undermine the Department of Justice.

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