Mitch McConnell is in shambles after what this Republican senator announced

mitch mcconnell

McConnell’s time as a leader in the Senate is coming to a close. But that’s not stopping him from being bombarded by conservatives for his RINO tendencies.

And Mitch McConnell is in shambles after what this Republican senator announced.

In February, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) revealed that he was not going to run again for Senate GOP leader.

That announcement was met with excitement from staunch conservative legislators who are fed up with McConnell siding with Democrats on a variety of issues.

McConnell’s decision to step down also led to several Republicans throwing their hats into the ring to replace him.

Sens. John Thune (R-SD) and John Cornyn (R-TX) proclaimed their intentions to run for Senate leader shortly after McConnell’s announcement.

But now a new challenger has entered the field. Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) told his fellow lawmakers on Wednesday that he plans on running for McConnell’s position as well.

“I believe now is a moment we need dramatic change,” Scott said in a letter to senators.

This isn’t Scott’s first go at the Senate leadership position. In 2022 he ran against Sen. McConnell but ultimately lost.

Scott believes that he would be a more conservative alternative over establishment candidates such as Thune and Cornyn.

“There have been far too many backroom deals cut in secret, rarely do things go through the committee process, and it’s accepted practice to not allow amendment votes to trillion-dollar spending bills,” Scott continued in his letter.

“We are routinely surprised with legislation and asked to vote on it without having had an input or even time to review it.”

Although the Florida senator never mentions McConnell by his name, Scott still found a way to attack him for assisting Democrats and dividing the GOP.

“Republicans all across America want the Republicans they elected to the U.S. Senate to stop caving in to Democrat demands. This is not an unreasonable request or expectation.”

A six-year term limit for the leadership position was also proposed by Scott. Mitch McConnell has been serving as leader for almost two decades now.

Senator Scott, who’s a strong supporter of Donald Trump, believes that the former president will secure another term to the White House this fall “with a mandate for dramatic change.”

Thune and Cornyn both are not as heavily in favor of Trump as Scott is, leading to a noticeable contrast between the Senate leadership candidates.

But the race for Mitch McConnell’s spot will only get more contentious as a vote likely won’t occur until after election day in November.

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