MSNBC host loses her mind on live TV after being challenged by this top conservative

Symone Sanders-Townsend

Democrats in the media have become increasingly unhinged. They can’t handle any viewpoint or ideology that isn’t of the radical Left.

And this MSNBC host completely lost her mind on live TV after being challenged by a top conservative.

Illegal immigration has become one of the hot button issues in the United States over the years.

President Joe Biden and his administration have failed to close the southern border which has allowed millions of illegal aliens to make their way into the country.

Republicans are quick to call out Biden for his failures with immigration, but those on the Left want to act like the whole crisis at the border is a nothing-burger.

Not only that, but they also try and cater to illegal aliens just like this one MSNBC host did while interviewing Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts over the weekend.

Roberts was being asked by MSNBC hosts about Project 2025, which is the Heritage Foundation’s plan to help former President Donald Trump deport the mass amounts of illegal immigrants in the country should Trump win the election this November.

“I’m specifically interested, as it relates, Dr. Roberts, to the deportation of immigrants in this country – just understanding sort of how it is going to work,” MSNBC host Alicia Menendez stated.

“When you talk about folks on the interior, how you see, a future administration utilizing the National Guard, ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement], police forces to deport something like 11 million people.”

Roberts answered by saying the border needs to be closed and then “the biggest mass deportation system ever in the history of America” needs to happen.

“It is unjust and illegal and evil that more than 10 million illegal aliens have come to this country. It’s imperative that we send those people back, invite them back to come through the legal system,” Roberts added.

Then, fellow MSNBC host, Symone Sanders-Townsend chimed in and continued to press Roberts on his plan.

“How do you plan to carry that out? Are you talking about going door-to-door?” she said.

“There’s going to be a lot of self-deportation. Secondly, there are great plans using the Department of Homeland Security to return these people back to south of the border. A lot of them are committing crimes, like m*rdering the 12-year-old girl in Houston,” Roberts answered.

Sanders-Townsend argued with Roberts that according to a study from 2019, 37.1% of illegal aliens are less likely to be found guilty of a crime than legal citizens in the U.S.

Roberts fired back by saying, “What do you tell the parents of these people – those young girls that was k*lled [sic].”

“What is the difference between an illegal immigrant who unfortunately engages in that activity–,” MSNBC contributor Michael Steel said before being interrupted by Sanders-Townsend.

“I want to be clear. We don’t use the term ‘illegal.’ Undocumented individuals,” she oddly said.

“That’s sweet. They’re illegal aliens,” Roberts shot back.

That’s right, radical Leftists like Symone Sanders-Townsend are to afraid to hurt the feelings of actual criminals who are illegally making their way into the United States.

Why do Democrats insist on placing victim status on those who don’t deserve it?

And why do they seem on prioritizing those who are crossing the border illegally?

It’s time for Leftists to start thinking of America first for once.

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