MSNBC is gushing over Joe Biden’s shocking act of treason

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Democrats and the fake news media have been in bed together for decades. They’ll run cover for any disgusting act if it’s for one of their Democrat pals.

And MSNBC is gushing over Joe Biden’s shocking act of treason.

Political pundits across the country are still parsing through the few coherent sections of Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

No one should be surprised that much of Biden’s speech was filled with lies, like his claim that he capped the price of insulin (Trump did) and Republicans want to slash Social Security and Medicare.

But after the Chinese flew a massive spy balloon over the continental United States for days, you’d think national security would have been a major sticking point for Biden.

Sadly, you’d be wrong. Biden instead towed an extremely measured line against the Communist dictatorship, essentially selling out the American people and aiding our enemies abroad.

And that hasn’t stopped MSNBC and the rest of the fake news media from hailing this move as “courageous.”

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell claimed after President Biden’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening that Biden was “politically courageous” for not adopting a more strong stance on China during the speech.

“Even the House Republicans will not separate themselves from Ukraine, but on China, what Joe Biden did tonight by not taking on China more aggressively was politically courageous, if you will, in terms of the domestic support, because, as you know, the polling is that, you know, 75 percent of Americans are getting tough on China,” she said.

“They want a tougher line and the Republicans are in line with that and a lot of Democrats are and there’s going to be a resolution next week and it’s going to pass with Democratic support,” Mitchell added.

One has to wonder what Mitchell is trying to get at by saying Biden is courageous.

Are politicians supposed to go against the will of the people who put them in office to prove they’re tough?

She even admits that Republicans are in line with what the people want.

Nevertheless, Biden reminded the public, “I’ve made clear with President Xi that we seek competition, not conflict.”

Biden stated that his government is investing to “make America strong,” and in alliances to safeguard America’s technologies.

“I am committed to working with China where it can advance American interests and benefit the world,” Biden said.

In reference to the Chinese surveillance balloon, which was shot down off the coast of South Carolina over the weekend after being allowed to float across the US, Biden said, “But, as we stated last week, if China challenges our sovereignty, we will take action to safeguard our country. And so we did.”

Remember, he shot down the balloon over the Atlantic Ocean after it went across the entire country.

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated in the Republican Party’s official reaction that Biden’s refusal to stand up to China is “dangerous and unacceptable.”

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