MSNBC pulled the rug out from under the Biden campaign after making one admission about Trump

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MSNBC is no conservative media outlet. They, like many other new stations, have a heavy Leftist bias.

But MSNBC just pulled the rug out from under the Biden campaign after making an admission about Donald Trump.

Debates for the presidential election have finally been announced.

In a video released on X last Wednesday, President Joe Biden challenged former Donald Trump to several debates.

You’ll probably notice in the video that while it was only 14 seconds, it was sliced and edited multiple times because how of many instances Biden likely fumbled over his words. Watch:

Those contests will take place in June and September. That June debate is significant because it is happening incredibly early in the election year compared to presidential debates in the past.

And NBC News’ Chuck Todd explains why he thinks these debates were scheduled while appearing on MSNBC.

“You don’t do this if you’re ahead, obviously,” Todd said while referencing Biden trailing Trump in the polls.

“So I think that they are smart to do this because they need to change the direction of the campaign. This campaign as it is going now is losing. You have to change the trajectory.”

“You need something different to happen. This is different. The eagerness with which Trump accepted, I think the Biden campaign is lucky because I think the Biden campaign really needs this right now.”

It’s pretty incredible that someone like Todd on a news outlet like MSNBC can admit that Donald Trump is the clear front-runner in the 2024 election.

But if he didn’t make note of this then it would simply be bad reporting.

According to the latest RealClearPolling average, Trump has a 1.1% lead over Biden in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup.

When independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is added to the mix, Trump’s lead grows to 4.7%

Americans are sick and tired of a poor economy, high inflation, high gas prices, rampant illegal immigration, and domestic and foreign unrest that has happened under President Biden’s leadership.

As Todd mentioned on MSNBC, Biden needs to try and figure out another strategy because he and his campaign are “not speaking to 60% of the country.”

The Left is simply in panic mode right now. The smartest of them know that Biden will barely be able to hold his own on a debate stage with Trump.

But right now they have no other choice but to try and have Joe Biden face him head-on in order to improve his poll numbers.

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