MSNBC was thrown into chaos when a White House employee exposed Democrats

Jen Psaki

The Biden White House is rapidly disintegrating in front of our very eyes. They are acting in an illogical manner.

And MSNBC was thrown into chaos when a White House employee exposed Democrats.

After Biden won the presidency, the Democrats took over Washington, D.C., and they had fairly good popularity ratings for about six months.

But as Biden’s supporters learned that he wasn’t all that he was made out to be, that was all but likely to fall.

Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted as a result of record inflation, skyrocketing gas costs, a bungled Afghan withdrawal, ongoing supply chain problems, and the worst southern border crisis ever.

Despite their ludicrous attempts to imply that Biden is somehow “winning” the midterm elections now that his support rating is back above 40%, even the Fake News Media is struggling to defend him.

But one ex-White House worker has had enough of the games.

Jen Psaki, a former White House press secretary, recently appeared on Chuck Todd’s “Meet the Press” on MSNBC to clarify the circumstances surrounding the Democrats ahead of the midterm elections.

She stated unequivocally, “If [the midterms] are a referendum on the president, Democrats will lose.”

Watch the conversation below:

Oddly, she asserts the Democrats will prevail in November if the election comes down to which Party is more extremist.

Given that the Democratic Party has the most extreme positions of any significant Party in American history, that is a strange claim to make.

The Democratic Party of today is identical to the Democrat Party of about ten years ago in terms of everything from free immigration to abortion-on-demand throughout a pregnancy’s nine months.

Therefore, we respectfully object to the notion that the Democratic Party is currently more pragmatic than the Republican Party.

She is correct, though, that Democrats this election season are unhappy with Biden’s past performance.

Democrats running for office across the nation have declared that they want to set themselves apart from the President’s abject failure in order to have a chance of winning.

In fact, Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat running for governor in Texas, recently cited President Biden as the reason why Hispanic voters in that state switched from the Democrats to the Republicans.

Even if the White House disputes that there is a problem, he has sought to warm up to the concept of taking action to safeguard the border.

While Jen Psaki’s claim that Democrats are more rational than Republicans now is not entirely credible, her assessment of Joe Biden’s deplorable record is unquestionably accurate.

That’s quite decent for a Democrat, you’re only half right.

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