MSNBC’s Joy Reid goes off the rails in an unhinged rant you have to see

joy reid

MSNBC may as well be the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party. They do anything it takes to support the party line.

And MSNBC’s Joy Reid goes off the rails in an unhinged rant you have to see.

Joy Reid stated that she no longer uses Twitter because she does not “want to have to read through Nazi crap to see what’s in the news,” and as a result, the MSNBC host predicted that the social media site would fail.

Reid lauded Meta’s Instagram Threads, a Twitter clone, claiming that is where “normal people” go on social media.

She also wondered if there were any “guardrails” in place to prevent conservatives from coming to “infect” Threads.

“I stopped using Twitter quite a long time ago,” Reid revealed on her podcast The ReidOut, explaining that she didn’t want to provide content to Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

“But every so often, I would check it as an aggregator, just to see if there is any news in there in between the Nazi tweets. After a while, I stopped doing that because it’s like, I don’t want to have to read through Nazi crap just to see what’s in the news.”

“Threads, since that has launched, to me, there’s no reason to check Twitter anymore. All of the major, you know, MaddowBlog’s on there, the Washington Post is on there — all the stuff I would normally read, I can aggregate it on Threads. Twitter now is useless to me. If people like me are leaving, I don’t know how Twitter survives.”

Reid was joined by NBC News reporter Ben Collins, who predicted that Twitter would survive “in the sense that the Nazis still really like it.”

He claimed that social media sites may become silos for specific political ideologies.

“This is the reality we’re in right now. Everyone is sort of planting their flag all throughout the internet because we’re in a new era. This is like the great reset social media,” Collins said.

“The problem is now, of course, this is sort of the issue we have going forward: How do we determine which one of these is important politically? How do we determine which user base has power and is driving people to the polls?”

Reid went on to say that right-wing Twitter users would get “bored talking to each other.”

“They want to be where the liberals are because they want to own the libs, and they can only do that in places where normal people are,” Reid said.

“And I wonder if they start trying to infect and impact Threads the same way and whether there are enough guardrails to keep them from coming over there.”

“That’s one thing I’ve noticed: They don’t like talking to each other,” she added.

“They want to talk to normal people. And they can only do that if they break out of their closed platforms and get on to ones where normal people are.”

This is the problem with Joy Reid and her ilk, they don’t want freedom of speech.

The only opposition they’ll allow is the old, establishment RINO kind that bent the knee to every Leftist project.

But real opposition from America First conservatives is a no-go. And their only point of attack is to claim freedom of speech is dangerous.

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