Nancy Pelosi collapsed when she saw these results


For the past few years, the House of Representatives has barely moved under Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. Many have begun to doubt Pelosi’s suitability for office as a result.

And Nancy Pelosi collapsed when she saw these results.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pledged that the Democrats would drastically flip the Senate when she took over as the party’s leader in 2018.

Due to a 50-50 deadlock in the Senate, that didn’t happen.

Then she and Schumer declared that with Biden in office to approve of their every desire, they will enact significant legislation.

That also hasn’t happened thus far.

Only gigantic tax-and-spend blunderbusses that have pushed America deeper into debt than ever before have been passed under Biden’s presidency.

Currently, many Americans are simply putting up with the Democrats’ subpar leadership and do-nothing approach in Congress.

A recent NBC poll found that over 60% of voters consider the cost of living and the state of the economy when choosing who to support.

And when it comes to determining which major political party is currently more suited to manage the economy, Republicans destroyed their Democrat rivals.

Republicans were seen the party most suited to manage economic difficulties by 47% of respondents, while Democrats received only 28% of the vote.

According to the NBC survey, there will be no clear winner in the upcoming election between the Republicans and the Democrats.

However, given how many Americans are suffering as a result of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer’s economic failings, it is difficult to imagine the Democrats performing as well as the Republicans at this time.

According to the poll, 63% of respondents feel that their salary is not keeping up with the soaring cost of living.

That is partly due to Joe Biden’s dismal performance among independent voters.

Almost often a political disaster for the ruling party during election years, only 36% of independents think they are satisfied with Joe Biden’s work thus far.

Republicans are currently in control of a number of issues, not just the economy.

In fact, border security was the only subject that each party received more than 50% favorability in handling, with Republicans dominating with 56% favorability compared to Democrats’ 20%.

That is extremely embarrassing.

On issues like border security, the economy, immigration, crime, defending constitutional rights, and the cost of living, Republicans significantly outperformed Democrats.

Interestingly, Republicans continued to lead Democrats 33% to 27% when asked which party does better at uniting the nation.

That completely contradicts the assertion made by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and most recently Joe Biden that MAGA Republicans are “tearing” the nation apart.

Everything here seems to point to a change in the House of Representatives this November. However, there’s a chance the Senate will vote in a tie again.

There are rumors that Pelosi will lose her position as Speaker even if Democrats manage to maintain their majority in the House.

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