Nancy Pelosi was hit with the shock of her life by this Republican

nancy pelosi

Pelosi’s political career has gone straight down the tubes. Now it’s going even further.

And Nancy Pelosi was hit with the shock of her life by this Republican.

A Republican senator is demanding for the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building in San Francisco to be closed down due to an open-air drug market and dangerous circumstances in the surrounding neighborhood.

Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) wrote to the General Services Administration, which maintains the building, on Tuesday, requesting that it be “shuttered for the foreseeable future.”

“I’m calling to shut down the Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building,” Ernst said in a statement.

“After all, they’ve already been forced to abandon it, so why should taxpayers keep the lights on in Nancy Pelosi’s haunted house?”

Due to public safety concerns outside the Nancy Pelosi building, hundreds of staff were told to work from home indefinitely in August.

Outside, one of San Francisco’s deadliest open-air drug marketplaces is in full swing, with traffickers and addicts transacting in plain daylight every day.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, addicts frequently congregate and consume narcotics on the concrete benches of the federal facility.

City records show that there were 525 drug-related events on the block around the federal building last year.

According to the San Francisco Standard, federal employees have had knives drawn on them three times in recent months, and one individual has been chased with a hammer.

A fence was recently installed along one side of the building to prevent people from lounging on a concrete ledge where drug traffickers were frequently sighted.

Two males were charged in June with attempting to sell drugs in plain view of the federal building’s surveillance cameras, according to a press statement from the US Attorney’s Office.

According to the announcement, one of the males was in possession of a pistol when he was arrested and may have shot a gun at someone near the building months previously.

In the meantime, the Federal Protective Service has boosted its presence in the vicinity, and some employees have requested that they be escorted in and out of the building.

Ernst claimed that the building is now an unsafe place to work as a result of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and “the other liberal politicians who have allowed criminal chaos to overtake the streets of San Francisco.”

“Ironically, the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building is a symbol of the way government doesn’t work, … if it’s not safe for federal employees to work here, it certainly can’t be safe for businesses to operate and families to live here,” Ernst said.

The 18-story federal building houses Pelosi’s local office as well as offices for other federal agencies, including HHS, Labor, and Transportation.

Ernst stated that the San Francisco area has at least five alternative federal buildings where federal personnel might work, allowing taxpayers to connect with government services “without fearing for their lives.”

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