Newly surfaced video of this Republican candidate could put an end to their campaign

nikki haley

Running for president involves being put on a microscope. This politician hasn’t handled that well.

And a newly surfaced video of this Republican candidate could put an end to their campaign.

With Republican primary voting set to begin in early 2024, it’s time for candidates to build up momentum.

One candidate who’s done that lately, is former Republican South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

According to polling averages from RealClearPolitics, Haley has solidified herself in third place at 10.3%.

She’s only 3 percentage points behind second place candidate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Former President Donald Trump of course leads the way with 61%.

But now Haley’s momentum might be coming to a screeching halt after a video surfaced of her making a controversial statement about “transgender” surgery during an interview with CBS.

“What care should be on the table when a 12-year-old child in this country assigned female at birth says, ‘Actually, I feel more comfortable living as a boy.’ What should the law allow the response to be?” Haley was asked on CBS.

“I think the law should stay out of it, and I think parents should handle it,” Haley responded.

Haley’s weak answer on this issue was rightfully ridiculed, especially on the social media platform, X.

Conservative commentator, Robby Starbuck bashed the former Governor on X, saying, “Nikki Haley was just asked on CBS what should be done if a 12 year old decides they want a sex change and she said the law should stay out of it to let parents handle it. This is a 1000% disqualifying. The law must intervene when a parent abuses their child.”

“She is no vote for me. Chopping off body parts of children, putting them on cancer causing hormones, for feelings, is a line I am not willing to cross,” one X user said.

“You have to be 18 to get a tattoo and 21 to buy alcohol, but s*x change for 12 years is perfectly fine?” another stated.

Haley’s viewpoint on having children receive gender-altering surgeries is one held by the radical-Left.

And if her goal is to win over conservative voters and defeat Joe Biden in the general election, she better change her stance on this issue and quick.

It’s true that the government should stay out of people’s lives.

But when parents are looking to irreversible surgeries on their children’s bodies through without their consent, that’s when the law should step in.

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