Pete Buttigieg was just fired by Congress in astonishing fashion

pete buttigieg

Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary has been an awful addition to the Biden administration. His inaction on just about everything has done nothing but hurt American citizens.

And Pete Buttigieg was just fired by Congress in astonishing fashion.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been under fire ever since he was nominated to the position by President Joe Biden.

Most notably, he enjoyed a several months-long paternity leave with his husband after they adopted twins, all while America was suffering a supply chain crisis.

And now Republicans in Congress are fighting back against his poor performance as Transportation Secretary.

In a measure brought forth by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Buttigieg’s salary will be reduced to just one dollar. The measure was approved by the U.S. House and will be an amendment to the 2024 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act.

“I’m proud to announce my amendment to FIRE Pete Buttigieg just PASSED the House,” Greene exclaimed in a post on X.

“Pothole Pete staged fake bike rides to the White House and used private planes funded by taxpayers to receive awards for the way certain people have s*x. American taxpayers should not be on the hook for paying for his lavish trips or his salary.”

Greene’s measure doesn’t actually fire Buttigieg, but it definitely does it’s job in having him receive almost nothing for his performance or lack thereof in the Biden administration.

“Pete Buttigieg doesn’t serve the American people. It took him weeks to visit East Palestine after a toxic train derailment happened on his watch,” Greene said in another X post.

“My amendment to cut his salary to $1 is paying him too much.”

In reference to his delayed visit to East Palestine, Ohio, Buttigieg used “misinformation” as an excuse.

“I was upholding the norm, which is that you stay out of the way of first responders and NTSB,” he in an interview earlier this year with NBC News.

“But I do think, had I known the amount of misinformation that would be directed at the people of East Palestine, we would have taken more steps to make sure that they got more accurate information sooner in the process.”

It’s refreshing to see Republicans like Greene take a stand against unhinged Leftists in the Biden administration.

Time will tell if other Republicans propose more measures in the future to try and unleash consequences on Democrats who fail to do their jobs.

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